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Build truly native cross-platform mobile apps with modern UI for any scenario

Key Features

Telerik UI for Xamarin offers a variety of the most essential controls and VS item templates to enable every developer, regardless of their experience, to build professional-looking modern mobile applications for iOS, Android and UWP from a single code base. 
  • One C# Project – Three Native Mobile Apps

    Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin uses the Xamarin.Forms technology, making it possible for developers to build native iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform apps from a single shared C# code base. The Telerik controls for Xamarin.Forms enables developers to easily implement various functionalities in their Xamarin.Forms projects and achieve the same scenarios across platforms using a single shared C# code base.

  • Native UI & Performance on Every Platform

    Telerik UI for Xamarin is a collection of Xamarin.Forms controls and Xamarin wrappers built on top of the native Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android suites to offer Xamarin users truly native UI for their apps. Capitalizing on the innate benefits of the native UI while exposing all objects and properties in C#, Telerik UI for Xamarin offers fast loading, excellent drawing capabilities and pixel-perfection while providing “no-compromise” customization and flexibility.

  • Visual Studio Item Templates

    Telerik UI for Xamarin comes complete with predefined item templates for Visual Studio to jumpstart your development for common UI scenarios and are included by default when you install the product. You can directly include them in your Xamarin.Forms project and use them as footprints for similar scenarios in your application.

  • MVVM Support

    You want to be sure that your software is well structured, easily extensible, and unit testable and the MVVM architectural pattern makes all of them possible. Telerik UI for Xamarin fully supports MVVM, allowing you and your team to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

  • Theming Mechanism & Predefined Theme

    Company branding, or consistent look and feel between platforms, is now possible thanks to Telerik UI for Xamarin! Telerik UI for Xamarin offers a theming mechanism that allows styling the controls using the theming available in Xamarin.Forms. Users can build a set of Styles for the controls adhering to a common look, and easily apply these styles through a single property. What’s more, we’ve created a built-in predefined theme – BlueTheme – for you to start with.

  • Design-time Support

    Telerik UI for Xamarin enhances the design time experience with support for Toolbox by allowing you to drag and drop components on the screen, thus making the screens development much easier.

All Essential Xamarin UI Components You Will Need


And Even More on Top of Them

Take Telerik UI for Xamarin for a Test Drive

demo applications
Demo Applications

Free apps for iOS, Android and Windows demonstrate the capabilities of Telerik UI for Xamarin. Download the apps to get a first-hand experience with the product. Source code preview is available for every example.

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Real World App - Telerik TagIt

If you want to try a real-world example application, build with Telerik UI for Xamarin, check out Telerik TagIt. It's a fully functional application, including source-code, utilizing some of the controls in the suite for a specific scenario.

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Customer Showcases

Canberra Trip Planner

by VisitCanberra
When it comes to Canberra, it’s one good thing after another – so plan your trip with the world’s first video itinerary planner. Choose from over 100 mini moments to create a personalized movie trailer of your perfect visit.

BidMagic Tech Calendar

By BidMagic Corp
BidMagic Tech Calendar manages the schedule and tasks of field techs. Create work orders, service tickets and quick tasks for iPhones. Techs can view their schedule, maps and directions to jobsites, open detailed work orders and service tickets, mark tasks complete and clock in and out of the appointments from iPhones.


By retcoil
Need to find something on the move? Buying and selling is now at your fingertips with the new ad app. ad is the advanced classifieds app to buy a house, sell a car or find second hand products. No hassle, no headaches, simple, and its absolutely free.

What's New


New Control: Map

Visualize shapes such as floor plans, concert halls, airplane seats and even maps.


New Control: Image Editor

Perform basic and advanced image manipulations within an app.


Introducing PDFProcessing

Easily import and export files to and from PDF files.

Support and Learning


Telerik Tagit

Source code and coding-walkthrough for a full-featured Xamarin app. It's all yours and it's free.

Telerik Tagit is a slick cross-platform native mobile Xamarin app designed to turn the photo collection on your phone into a database that you can search and sort by the content contained in the individual images. It uses Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin controls for the front end, offering a stunning, high-performant UI,  and Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API (part of the Cognitive Services suite) on the backend to caption images and tag them with search keywords. The app is available for Andriod, iOS, and UWP.

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Consumer-facing apps can bolster audience engagement and the customer experience, while internal apps can significantly improve productivity and operations.

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