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Telerik UI for .NET MAUI


What's Coming in 2024?

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Team is excited to announce the new components, features, and tools that will be shipped in Q2 2024 and beyond.

We encourage you to submit your ideas and requests on the dedicated Telerik UI for .NET MAUI feedback portal, so we can shape the future of the product together!

Updated Release Cadence

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement in our release strategy for Telerik UI for .NET MAUI. Moving forward, we will be introducing four major releases annually, increasing from the previous three. This enhancement is designed to grant you swifter access to the newest features and foster a more rapid feedback cycle with our esteemed customers. Additionally, we will introduce mid-cycle stability releases as needed to enhance overall product reliability.

Here are the key months for our upcoming releases:

  • Q1 Release - Month: February
  • Q2 Release - Month: May
  • Q3 Release - Month: August
  • Q4 Release - Month: November



Telerik UI for .NET MAUI

DataGrid Enhancement: New Skia Column

New feature

We're enhancing our DataGrid component with a significant update - introducing a prebuilt Skia column for custom element visualization. This feature is crafted to enable our customers to showcase custom elements within DataGrid, utilizing the Skia graphics library. The result? A notable boost in performance and an enriched visual experience ensure that data is more engaging and efficiently rendered.


DataGrid Enhancement: Indented Group Rows

New feature

We're working on a DataGrid Enhancement that will introduce indented group rows. This update is all about making your data easier to navigate and understand by visually distinguishing between different groups of data. Keep an eye out for this improvement, aimed at streamlining the way you view and interact with complex datasets.


Advanced Theming Mechanism with Light/Dark Mode

New feature

We're excited to share news about our upcoming Theming Mechanism in UI for .NET MAUI. It's a big step forward in giving developers more control and flexibility over how their apps look. This feature isn't just about having light and dark modes, it's about offering a variety of themes for all platforms, making sure apps can look modern and match what your users expect.


AI Prompt Component

New component

We're excited to announce that our development pipeline includes the AI Prompt Component, a cutting-edge addition to our component suite designed to integrate seamlessly with AI technologies. This component is crafted to facilitate the easy creation and management of AI-powered prompts, enabling developers to harness the full potential of AI within their applications.


New RadCollectionView Component

New component

We're gearing up to enrich our UI component library with the addition of the RadCollectionView, a new powerful addition to our suite of UI components. Designed to be on par with our current RadListView in terms of functionality, the RadCollectionView will go several steps further by incorporating a slew of enhancements aimed at resolving existing issues, boosting performance, and facilitating effortless customization.


Support for .NET 9 Preview

New feature

We are thrilled to announce that our suite will soon support .NET 9 Preview, aligning with our commitment to embrace the latest technological advancements. This update will enable developers to take full advantage of the new features and improvements in .NET 9, ensuring that applications built with our components are at the forefront of innovation.


End of Support for .NET 7


You may already be aware that Microsoft will discontinue .NET 7 support for .NET MAUI in May 2024. We would like to inform you that our plans are in line with this decision, and we will be ending our .NET 7 support for .NET MAUI in August. This will give you extra time to transition from .NET 7 to .NET 8.

By upgrading to the most recent version of .NET, you will leverage the latest features, performance enhancements, and security improvements offered by both Microsoft and Telerik. This upgrade will ensure that you can make the most of the cutting-edge advancements provided by both entities.


DataGrid Performance Enhancements


We're excited to announce an upcoming update focused on significant performance improvements to our DataGrid component. This enhancement is designed to provide our users with faster data rendering, smoother scrolling, and overall improved responsiveness, especially when dealing with large datasets.


ToggleButton Component

New component

The toggle button is commonly used in scenarios where there is a need to capture and represent a binary choice, such as enabling or disabling a feature, activating or deactivating a setting, or toggling between two different modes or views. It provides a visual indicator of the current state, with the button's appearance changing to reflect the active or inactive state.

ComboBox: Add Filtering Support with Highlighting

New feature

This Telerik UI for .NET MAUI ComboBox search enhancement will allow displaying only the items that match your search criteria.

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