.NET MAUI ToggleButton

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.NET MAUI ToggleButton
  • Easily Integrate Toggle Functionality into Your .NET MAUI App

    The Telerik .NET MAUI ToggleButton offers a straightforward solution for implementing toggling functionality within .NET MAUI applications. Its primary function revolves around facilitating user interactions by enabling the selection or toggling of options or states within the application's interface. Widely adopted in various scenarios, the ToggleButton is particularly instrumental in capturing binary choices, whether it involves activating or deactivating features, toggling settings or seamlessly transitioning between different modes or views.

    See the .NET MAUI ToggleButton documentation: Overview

    .NET MAUI ToggleButton
  • Toggled States

    The .NET MAUI ToggleButton control offers developers the ability to define its state as either Toggled, Untoggled or Indeterminate. Developers can easily set and manage the button's state both through UI and programmatically, ensuring seamless integration into various application workflows. The Indeterminate state can be applied through the UI only for three-state checkboxes.

    See the .NET MAUI ToggleButton documentation: Toggled States

    .NET MAUI ToggleButton IsThreeState
  • Fully Customizable Content

    The .NET MAUI ToggleButton control grants developers the ability to define customized content. Alongside the standard Content property, developers have the option to further customize the appearance and structure of the button's content by utilizing the ContentTemplate.

    See the .NET MAUI ToggleButton documentation: ContentTemplate

    .NET MAUI ToggleButton Customization
  • Styling API and Visual States

    The .NET MAUI ToggleButton provides a set of changeable visual assets like normal, pressed, MouseOver, disabled, toggled and many more. Additionally, the TemplatedButton offers developers a diverse collection of styling options (background color, borders, text color and many more) by exposing properties that enable customization of its visual presentation.

    .NET MAUI ToggleButton Styling
  • Events

    The .NET MAUI ToggleButton component enhances user interaction by emitting a series of events that enable developers to finely tune the button's behavior based on user actions. The ToggleButton exposes the following events: IsToggleChanged, clicked, pressed, released.

    See the .NET MAUI ToggleButton documentation: Events

    .NET MAUI ToggleButton IsToggleChanged event
  • Command and Command Parameter

    The .NET MAUI ToggleButton empowers developers to attach commands that trigger specific actions upon button clicks. By utilizing the Command property, developers can define the command to execute upon button interaction, while the CommandParameter property allows for further customization by specifying parameters for the command. This feature streamlines application workflows, facilitating enhanced user interactions.

    See the .NET MAUI ToggleButton documentation: Command and Command Parameter
    .NET MAUI ToggleButton Commands

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