.NET MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing

  • SpreadStreamProcessing is a high performance library that enables you to generate big spreadsheet documents.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI library along with 60+ professionally-designed UI controls.
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  • Create Easily Large Spreadsheet Documents with .NET MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing

    SpreadStreamProcessing for .NET MAUI is a high-performance library that is optimized for the creation of large spreadsheet documents with minimum memory footprint. Exporting the generated spreadsheets to XLSX and CSV file formats is completed with the same performance excellency. The document library is designed to handle large volumes of data at light speed while using minimal memory to prevent common out-of-memory exceptions and re-drawing issues.

    Learn more about SpreadStreamProcessing and how it compares to SpreadProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Overview
  • No External Dependencies

    The document model works independently from external code or UI. The .NET MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing library doesn't require Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office or any other spreadsheet document library installation on the client or server to process Microsoft Excel-supported documents.

  • Fast and Memory-Efficient Spreadsheet Creation

    The key to the memory efficiency and performance of the SpreadStreamProcessing library is that it writes the spreadsheet content directly to a stream without creating and preserving the spreadsheet document model in memory. Each time an exported object is disposed, the set values are written into the stream directly.

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Fast and Memory Efficient
  • Workbooks and Worksheets

    The SpreadStreamProcessing library for .NET MAUI exposes a powerful API for creating worksheets, rows and cells in a workbook. Take advantage of the flexible options for customizing the worksheet view, such as changing the first visible cell, the selected cells, showing and hiding gridlines, adjusting the row and column header, zoom level and more.

    Documentation on how to work with Workbooks and Worksheets in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

  • Append New Worksheets

    Importing table data from one spreadsheet document to another is achieved by appending a worksheet to a new or existing workbook. Use the Telerik .NET MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing library API to get the appended worksheet names and avoid potential name errors.

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Append New Worksheets
  • Rows and Columns

    A convenient API allows you to control row and column width and height. Additionally, you can hide rows or columns you currently don’t need to see through the visibility property.

    Documentation on how to work with Rows and Columns in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Rows and Columns
  • Grouping

    Grouping is an essential spreadsheet feature that helps group rows and columns to structure data into sections. Users can expand or collapse entire parts of the worksheet with ease and gain better insight into the data. Use the SpreadStreamProcessing for .NET MAUI API to set the outline level of rows/columns when creating them.

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Grouping
  • Cells

    Cells are the basic unit, containing data in worksheets—they are the intersection point of rows and columns. The powerful SpreadStreamProcessing API comes with built-in properties to control the cell value and formatting options. Apply different settings, such as cell fill, border, font family and size, wrapping, as well as format strings and make it easy to work with multiple types of data.

    Documentation on how to work with Cells in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Cells
  • Formulas

    Next to the many cell properties available to you to format cells in the .NET MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing library, you can work with any OpenXML-supported formula to set the cell value. Whenever the document is open in a spreadsheet app complying with the format, the formulas will be calculated in the correct way.

    Documentation on the Formulas support in RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Formulas
  • Style Cells

    Use styles to uniformly format cells across your whole spreadsheet. Simultaneously change cell properties like size, font, border, alignment and more to achieve a consistent look in your cells.

    Documentation on how to Style Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Style Cells
  • Merge Cells

    When creating cells in a spreadsheet, you can enable users to merge multiple adjacent cells into a single cell that spans over several rows and columns so they can more easily center headings, wrap text and outline data.

    Documentation on how to Merge Cells with RadSpreadStreamProcessing

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Merge Cells
  • Freeze Panes

    You can keep certain rows or columns in view as you move horizontally or vertically through the worksheet thanks to the SpreadStreamProcessing API that allows you to freeze any number of rows and columns during their creation.

    MAUI SpreadStreamProcessing Library Freeze Panes

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