.NET MAUI Expander

  • Save space and streamline your app's navigation thanks to the .NET MAUI Expander control.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI library along with 60+ professionally-designed UI controls.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, learning resources and more!
NET MAUI Expander component
  • Improve Navigation Through Your App with .NET MAUI Expander

    Save space and streamline navigation through your app with this .NET MAUI Expander control. With its help, you can embed any control in a container, which can be easily expanded or collapsed with a single click. You can place the Expander anywhere on the page and embed any content inside the drop-down area. The Expander also gives you control over its ExpandDirection to let you adjust the component based on the layout of your app.

    See the .NET MAUI Expander docs

    .NET MAUI Expander Control
  • Collapsed and Expanded States

    The Expander control provides an expandable container which can host any content. The user can show or hide this content by interacting with the header of the control. Collapsed or Expanded are mutually exclusive states, where in the former only the header is visible, and in the latter, all the content becomes visible.

    See the .NET MAUI Expander docs: Configuration

  • Styling

    There are several ways in which you can change the appearance of the Expander: Border styling, text styling, enabling/disabling the animation of the expand/collapse event and setting the animation’s duration and easing.

    See the .NET MAUI Expander docs: Configuration

    .NET MAUI Expander Control Customization

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