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Automated functional testing with Test Studio helps you prevent delivery bottlenecks and make sure system functionality works as expected.

  • Cover all your bases of functional testing
  • Eliminate regressions after each code check-in
  • Get immediate results and unparalleled automation coverage
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What is Functional Testing?

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Functional Testing Definition

Functional testing is the process of verifying that an application works as expected, meeting a set of functional requirements. Depending on the system’s purpose, functional testing ensures that users can complete critical workflows such as logging in, paying at checkout, etc. The output of a successful functional test cycle includes:

  • Consistent user interface
  • Reliable API calls
  • Seamless business transactions

Functional Testing with Test Studio

Fast-track the introduction-to-adoption of functional testing within your organization. With its ease of use, intuitive test recording interface and patented multi-sense object discovery, Test Studio empowers your entire team to get on board with automation testing, while reducing script maintenance. Without further configuration, the Test Studio platform enables you to:

  • Automating functional UI tests across web and desktop
  • Verifying your API’s integrity and reliability
  • Improve your functional test cycles’ overall efficiency
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Key Features

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  • Intuitive Cross Browser Test Recorder

    Effortlessly record test steps with highly intuitive point-and-click functionality—without writing a single line of code. For cross browser testing, simply execute your tests against your browsers of choice.

  • Patented Hybrid Object-Find Logic

    Leverage DOM-based identification and images to locate visual objects. Thanks to the first of its kind object-find logic along with centralized element management, flaky tests are a problem of the past.

  • Test Results and Reports at Your Fingertips

    Get visibility into the health of your automated test suite with web-based test results and reports. The Test Studio Executive Dashboard offers automation insights along with personalized results.

  • Simple Test Debugging with Step Failure Details

    Monitor test stability without additional configuration. The Step Failure Details module gives you details about failed test steps along with intelligent suggestions on how to fix the most common failures.

  • Advanced C# or VB.NET Based Coding Capabilities

    Address complex test scenarios by converting recorded steps into code and creating custom coded functions. The Test Studio Code Editor allows you to create coded tests using C# or VB.NET.

Visual Low-Code Test Recorder

Start building your test suite and get up to speed in no time with the Test Studio's visual test recorder, supporting cross browser testing. With highly intuitive click and record functionality, recording steps has never been easier, regardless if you are building tests from scratch or converting existing manually created ones. To take advantage of Test Studio's cross browser testing capabilities, simply record your tests and then execute them against your browsers of choice.

  • Build actions and verifications using a single mouse click. Highlight any visible element on the page and record mouse action or build a quick verification against it.
  • Creating wait, extract and drag&drop steps, and simulating JavaScript events is easy through the rich context menu.
  • To ease maintenance, all recorded elements are automatically added in the shared element repository.
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Recorder Toolbar

Cross Browser Testing

Major browsers are proactively supported via Test Studio’s own browser extensions. The latest browser version support is added within days of its stable release.

  • Easy to install and use browser extensions.
  • Flawless browser calibration out of the box. No manual interaction is required to run your tests on the latest browsers of your choice.
  • Seamless in-product automatic dialog updater. With a single click and product restart, you get the latest dialog updates without having to reinstall the entire product.
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Hybrid Element Find Logic

By creating automation elements that use both web locators and images, flaky and fragile tests are a problem of the past.

  • Create powerful and rich web queries by using the technologies you know. Supported locators are CSS selectors, HTML attributes, Tag names, XPath and combinations of the above.
  • Element image is automatically set for each element. When it is time for test execution, elements in your application will be located by the powerful image comparison engine and the web query built for that element.
  • The hybrid element detection approach significantly lowers the probability of failure and allows you to perform maintenance in your own time.
  • Image first strategy. Prioritize element location by image only for situations where it’s impossible to create a stable web query.
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Centralized Element Management

Manage all automation elements from one centralized location eliminating redundancy and lowering maintenance effort.

  • Automatically generated elements repository shared between all automated tests in the project.
  • Single point of origin for all elements in the project. Elements can be reused between test steps and tests.
  • Powerful tools for debugging and maintenance of existing elements.
  • Fix an element find logic once — apply the changes to all tests and steps that use it, or to selected ones.
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WPF Automation Testing

Powerful GUI testing tool for web and WPF applications with advanced codeless and code-based automation capabilities.

  • Test Studio helps you build automated tests for your WPF desktop applications regardless of their complexity or interactivity.
  • It provides UI object model that covers the entire range of UI elements in WPF while supporting dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, complex UI virtualizations and XAML animations.
  • Take advantage of exclusive integration with Telerik UI for WPF by way of built-in translators.

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Extensionless Test Automation

Test Studio supports truly native Chrome Test Automation, which doesn’t require an additional extension for test recording and execution to be downloaded and installed on your machine. The extensionless test automation mode, available for Chrome, eliminates test execution delays, allowing testers to focus on the important test automation tasks instead of struggling with company policies that restrict the use of 3rd party extensions.

Annoying testing slowdowns are a thing of the past, which all Test Studio users and trialists will greatly benefit from, but most significantly—companies with complex test automation labs utilizing several remote machines or servers.

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Extensionless Test Automation

Headless Browser Testing

Headless browser testing in Test Studio helps reduce test execution time up to three times while improving test stability. It is a useful tool for UI automation scenarios that don’t require to test the application's UI against different browsers and browser versions. Headless browser execution is available for Chrome Headless and can be utilized in a fully codeless fashion.

  • Run new or already existing tests or test lists in headless mode without editing your existing set-up including test steps, image search, dialog handler updates or other actions.
  • Save time by executing more tests, faster, without further configuration of action and verification steps.
  • Handle data-driven testing scenarios easier.
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headless test automation

Data-driven Testing

Transform a complex set of test scenarios into a single maintainable and robust automated test by separating the test data from the test commands.

  • Easy-to-use UI gives you the ability to bind data to test commands without the need to write and maintain code.
  • Supported formats are CSV, XML, SQL, Excel, etc.
  • Local data store for less demanding scenarios.
  • Use external data to parameterize the element location logic. Find different elements in each iteration depending on the input data.
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Test automation with OCR

Advanced test automation made easy with Test Studio’s Optical Character Recognition features, enabling you to extract data from graphic content such as images, logos, charts, SVGs and other graphic elements.

  • OCR verification – build complicated verification steps using OCR from element’s image in a fraction of a second
  • OCR extraction – with a single mouse click extract text from an image and assign it to a variable
  • Ability to use OCR extracted text in data driven testing for example validating data against data source
  • Use all the advantages of the OCR feature in web and WPF tests
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Extract Text From an Image with OCR

PDF Content Validation

PDF validation enables automation for applications that have embedded UI capabilities to generate PDFs and populate them with data, relying on data input from any type of source. No additional extensions, workarounds or third-party tools are needed. Everything happens inside the Visual Test Recorder.

  • Validate if PDFs are generated correctly and the populated data meets business or user requirements.
  • Add PDF validation steps during test recording or whenever you need to during automation.
  • Open/load the PDF and add verifications of text or image, utilizing Test Studio’s OCR capabilities. All verification actions available for web tests (OCR image or text extraction and validation) can be applied within PDFs.
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pdf test automation

Test Execution in CI/CD Environments

Executing your Test Studio automated tests as part of the CI/CD process is easier than ever.

  • Rich reporting with video recording of the test execution or at the time of failure.
  • Support for the CI platforms you use: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo and anything in between
  • Flexible test results. Output your results in jUnit format or HTML, based on your requirements.
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Test Storyboard

The Test Studio Storyboard enables users to understand better and faster what they are recording by reviewing recorded tests as a sequence of images, instead of going through the test steps. The Storyboard’s user interface facilitates easy visual interaction with recorded tests and provides essential information about your tests' logic.

  • View test steps as sequence of images. Open them in full screen mode, zoom in/out and enjoy superb image quality.
  • Identify and inspect a test as a step in the Storyboard on click.
  • Recapture Storyboard if changes are applied to any of the tests in the test suite. Now available for all browsers.
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Test Automation Storyboard

Executive Dashboard

Monitor automation results and reports with an easy-to-use web feature. Thanks to its responsive design, anyone on the project can use the dashboard to monitor automation results and easily create and share reports from any type of device.

  • Add test run to favorites with a single mouse click. Favorite runs get added on top and can be accessed quickly.
  • Breadcrumbs deliver simple navigation throughout run results.
  • Never miss the run that just completed with the auto refresh function.
  • Generate effective reports by selecting time period and one or multiple test list runs
  • Reports can be easily shared by sending a link or exported as PDF.
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Executive Dashboard

Scheduling and Concurrent Runs on Multiple Remote Machines

Use out-of-the-box scheduling functionality that allows performing common tasks such as running concurrent tests on multiple remote machines or schedule tests to execute remotely at a certain time.

  • Test lists can be scheduled on any machine in the network including virtual machines.
  • Distribute test list executions — spread the workload between different machines in order to reduce total execution time.
  • Remote execution status — from one machine monitor all machines on the network that execute tests. Monitor currently executing tests and services status, calibrate browsers remotely, without the need of separately logging on each machine.
  • Automatically get latest version from source control — TFS and GIT supported.
  • User session configuration — prevent remote machines from going into sleep mode, lock or show screensaver. Allow test execution even if the user closes the active remote desktop connection.
  • Receive customizable email notifications upon test list completion.
  • All results are stored in one centralized location to facilitate the examination when remote runs are done.
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Detailed Failure Reporting and Tools for Error Investigation

Get a detailed failure report and a powerful set of forensic tools for error investigation.

  • Comprehensive failure report with detailed log and screenshots of the expected and at-the-time-of-failure states.
  • DOM image of the time of failure for more in-depth analysis.
  • Tools for quick resolution of the error depending on the failure type. One-click property update of the failed test step.
  • Intelligent assistant will help you fix your element find logic in case of test element location failure.
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Visual Studio Integration

Build and execute tests without leaving your favorite development environment using built-in Visual Studio extension.

  • Create and execute test and test lists in a Visual Studio project.
  • Group tests and test lists in Test Explorer.
  • Export Test Studio project in Visual Studio for direct use.
  • Supported versions: Visual Studio 2013 and above.
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Embed C# or VB Code in the Test Project

Embedded code editor allows you to add coded test steps and meet complex automation challenges when the situation requires it.

  • C# or VB code editor directly embedded in Test Studio.
  • Add standalone code files that can contain constraints, support functions and other useful content.
  • The code editor supports third-party libraries in the automated tests, which allows great extensibility and flexibility.
  • Recorded steps can be easily converted to coded ones, which provides an easy way to rapidly write and create custom tailored functions.
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In-Depth Support for HTML Controls

A rich collection of translators ensures that you have out of-the-box access to premium functionalities when automating specific controls like HTML Tables, Combo boxes or the huge collection of Progress Telerik UI controls for the web, like Kendo UI.

  • With Test Studio translators for HTML controls, complex automation challenges are solved with a few clicks
  • In-depth support for Progress Telerik controls. Translators for the Kendo UI controls will turn complex problems into routine ones. Accessing specific cells in a grid, combo box operations, getting the count of selected items inside a tree view are made with a few clicks instead of lines of code.
  • Active support of changes and updates in the UI controls. Proactive support for the new versions of Kendo UI and others.
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Telerik and Kendo UI Test Automation

Test Studio automation testing platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Telerik and Kendo UI components by way of built-in translators. The translators are extensions that identify the component under tests, expose its elements’ unique properties and provide you with out-of-the-box action and verification steps for each element that you can add on-the-go, as you interact with your application’s UI while recording a test.

Test Studio supports Telerik and Kendo UI component versioning and backward-compatibility, allowing you to select the component version in use and take advantage of the corresponding translator version for recording and executing tests, thus making your automated tests more stable and reliable.

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Telerik and Kendo UI Test Automation

Variety of Techniques for Locating Elements

Build robust find logic using an intelligent element identification scheme to auto-generate find expressions.

  • Durable find expressions are created by combining unique element attributes during test recording.
  • Use chained find expressions for hard to find dynamic elements.
  • Locate element by image.
  • Use advanced locator strategies such as CSS selector or XPath to find any HTML element on a web page.
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Shadow DOM Support

Out-of-the-box support for Web Components ensures seamless and stable test automation.

  • Shadow DOM is represented in Test Studio DOM tree.
  • Support for <template> and <slot> tags that are not displayed and rendered by the browser.
  • Support for nested Shadow DOM: events, DOM tree, etc.
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Test as Step

Avoid duplicate tests and save time by running an existing test as a single step within another test.

  • Easy to follow process of adding an entire test as a test step.
  • Test modularization — reuse common automated test steps in the project.
  • Create test as step from selected tests' steps with a couple of mouse clicks.
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Test as Step

Test Lists

The Test Studio test lists allow you to execute a set of tests in a sequence. Test Studio supports creating static and dynamic tests lists, covering a wide range of test execution scenarios. Test lists can be used to schedule a test suite for execution on several virtual machines, remote servers, in Docker Containers or as part of your CI build process.

By distributing test list execution, you can also spread the workload between different machines to reduce total execution time. All types of Test Studio created tests – web, responsive web, WPF and load tests – can be run as part of test lists.

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Test Lists

Responsive Website Testing

Responsive web design is crucial to the success of your applications today. But testing each release for device compatibility can be a tedious task for your entire team. Test Studio helps you future-proof your application’s responsive web design for the modern mobile world with responsive web testing.

Check your responsive web application’s behavior under different form factors without repetitive manual tasks or device switching. Make sure your website scales when the screen size or resolution changes and check its layout and behavior. To simulate different browsers, simply choose from several predefined screen sizes or create the custom ones that you need for your responsive test scenarios.

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Responsive Website Testing

API Test Execution from Web Tests

Get fast access to API tests created by Test Studio for APIs directly from the web test. Prepare the environment for the functional UI tests in seconds calling the API of the application under test.

  • Direct access to API tests created in Test Studio for APIs.
  • Dynamic global variables that can be passed to the API test directly from the functional UI test.
  • Reduce the execution time by performing CRUD operations using the API instead of the UI. For example, multiple new users used in the successful UI test can be created in seconds using the app’s own API.
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Video Recording of Test List Execution

Debug more efficiently using Test Studio’s built-in recorded videos of your nightly test runs. No additional software or extensions are needed.

  • Toggle recording mode between On, Off or OnFail, which saves the recorded video only in case of a failure.
  • Ability to set custom output location.
  • Ability to set recording size limit.
  • Supported recording codecs are Motion JPEG, X264 and Xvid.
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The One Automation Testing Tool to Cover
All Your Bases and Beyond

Test Studio gives you all the functional testing tools and techniques that you need to prove your application meets user or business expectations.

What QAs Say

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Mike Goodwin Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Kiddie Academy®

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Zachary Hansen Chief Technology Officer, Angus Energy

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Pete O'Grady QA Manager, RevSpring

The best thing about Test Studio is easy ramp up which enables anybody to start creating tests within a few days. The centralized element repository is very comfortable, bringing down test maintenance costs.

Himanshu Saraowgi QA Engineer, Pegasystems

Test Studio integrated seamlessly into our automated software testing needs. Its ease-of-use is unbelievable. It does all the heavy lifting allowing the developer to focus on more in-depth testing.

Gregory Hargrove Software Developer, Correct Care Solutions

After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.

Mark Judson Software Developer, EBSCO Industries Inc.

Testing Solutions

Modern applications are infinitely complex. With Test Studio you can go deeper in your testing to cover all your bases—test the behavior, responsiveness and performance of your web and WPF applications.

Continuous Testing

Bring UI test automation into your build process, enabling critical feedback earlier in the release cycle. Test Studio integrates with all popular CI/CD tools: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Jira, Bamboo and more.

Load testing

Create complex load scenarios to inform critical decisions. Test Studio's load testing suite enables you to verify that your web app meets business needs for speed, performance, and user satisfaction.

RESTful API Testing

Test Studio's API testing helps you verify the integrity and reliability of your APIs. Plug API testing into CI/CD to leverage the continuous testing approach along with agile development.

Responsive Testing

Test Studio's features for responsive web testing offer an easy way to validate your UI against different form factors without repetitive testing, switching browser modes or devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which testing practice is referred to as functional testing?
  • Why do we use functional testing?
  • What are the challenges of functional testing?
  • What are the different types of functional testing?
  • What is the difference between functional and non-functional requirements?
  • Can I automate functional testing?

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