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Test Studio’s Scheduling feature allows you to configure a set of machines that can execute your automated tests unattended in parallel or all together. The results generated from the scheduled test runs are stored in a centralized location allowing anyone on the team to review them inside Test Studio or in the Executive Dashboard’s web interface.

In Test Studio Q1 2024 the communication between these services is being improved. There are additional options to further harden your test environment including the ability to create and import your own custom Scheduling communication encryption. You can also use reverse proxy with client certificate authentication enabled. 



Test Studio Scheduling

A Set of New Desktop and WPF Testing Steps and Options

Based on customer feedback and needs we’ve added some new Desktop testing steps and options. These new additions provide more flexibility and productivity while testing desktop applications. The new additions are:

“Do not launch application” option for Desktop tests.
“Scroll to element” step for Desktop tests.
“Launch process” step for Desktop tests.
“Connect to application” step for Desktop tests
“Type text” step for Desktop test.
“Scroll to element” step for WPF tests. 
“Connect to application” step for WPF tests.


Test Studio Ninja

Ongoing bug fixing

Test Studio is dedicated to continuously delivering a highly reliable, high performing tool which provides solutions to your testing issues. Our collaborative teams are committed to following through each and every bug report by our customers in order to ensure the ongoing stability of the product, and the resolution of all issues. It’s a daily process which involves identifying, prioritizing, and addressing issues or glitches reported by users or discovered during testing. Regular bug fixing not only enhances the user experience but also bolsters the overall quality of the software. It is an ongoing and essential process to deliver a reliable and bug-free product, reflecting a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


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