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Improved field data binding UX

Data Driven Testing is a testing methodology in which the same sequence of test steps is performed repeatedly using a data source. It separates the test data from the test steps, basically allowing you to change the data without having to change the script, and therefore, making it possible to perform multiple tests without being required to duplicate them. 

The data-driven approach reduces time spent on repetitive tasks and maintenance effort as the same test script can be reused for various data sets. It increases test coverage and scalability as more scenarios can be explored without changing the script.  

Thanks to Test Studio’s improved field data binding UX, you can now do data-driven testing even easier within the test steps. The data binding functionality is now located in the Test Explorer in addition to its traditional place in the Properties pane. This allows you another straightforward access to Test Studio’s enhanced capability and empowers you to seamlessly integrate your test data with Test Studio, and effortlessly generate and manage extensive datasets to thoroughly test your applications. It simplifies the testing process, ensuring improved coverage and reducing time, effort, and test redundancy. You can now achieve even higher levels of software reliability and process efficiency. 

Test Studio What's new Improved data binding

Ongoing bug fixing

Test Studio is dedicated to continuously delivering a highly reliable, high performing tool which provides solutions to your testing issues. Our collaborative teams are committed to following through each and every bug report by our customers in order to ensure the ongoing stability of the product, and the resolution of all issues. It’s a daily process which involves identifying, prioritizing, and addressing issues or glitches reported by users or discovered during testing. Regular bug fixing not only enhances the user experience but also bolsters the overall quality of the software. It is an ongoing and essential process to deliver a reliable and bug-free product, reflecting a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


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