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Build Robust and Easily Maintainable Web Testing Suites

Web automation with Test Studio helps you deploy defect-free web applications across any web technology, covering all your web testing needs—functional, API and load testing.

  • Best-in-class visual test recorder with cross-browser test execution
  • Web-based test results and reports at your ease, including executive dashboard summary
  • Responsive cross-browser web testing without repetitive manual tasks or device switching
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What Is Web Testing?

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Web UI Testing Definition

Web testing is a software testing practice that ensures applications running in a web browser behave as expected, regardless of browser version, device or form factor. Web testing uncovers defects such as functional variances, security and integration issues, browser version discrepancies, load-related deviations, etc. Web testing verifies:

  • Consistent web UI on multiple browsers or browser versions
  • Responsive application behavior and browser compatibility testing
  • Seamless user transactions based on form validation, API calls, HTML/CSS validation

How to Automate Web Tests with Test Studio?

Test Studio provides a full suite of web testing tools with different automated web UI testing features and techniques, including web application test recording, cross-browser testing, test scheduling, remote test execution and automated test runs with multiple browsers like IE, Firefox, Edge and Chrome.

  • Broad web technology and framework support
  • Low-code web testing IDE plus out-of-the-box Visual Studio integration
  • Industry-leading functional testing feature set backed by API and load testing at no extra cost
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Web Testing Features

  • Effortlessly record test steps with highly intuitive point-and-click functionality—without writing a single line of code. For cross-browser testing, simply execute your tests against your browsers of choice.

  • Leverage DOM-based identification and images to locate visual objects. Thanks to the first of its kind object-find logic along with centralized element management, flaky tests are a problem of the past.

  • Get visibility into the health of your web test suite with web-based test results and reports. The Test Studio Executive Dashboard offers automation insights along with personalized results.

  • Monitor test stability without additional configuration. The Step Failure Details module gives you details about failed test steps along with intelligent suggestions on how to fix the most common failures.

  • Integrate web tests into your CI pipelines to always be on top of delivery. Add web tests to test lists and schedule them to run locally, remotely or whenever you need to ensure critical functionality works as expected.

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The One Automation Testing Tool to Cover
All Your Bases and Beyond

Test Studio gives you all the functional testing tools and techniques that you need to ensure your application meets user or business expectations.

What QAs Say

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Mike Goodwin Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance, Kiddie Academy®

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Zachary Hansen Chief Technology Officer, Angus Energy

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Pete O'Grady QA Manager, RevSpring

The best thing about Test Studio is easy ramp up which enables anybody to start creating tests within a few days. The centralized element repository is very comfortable, bringing down test maintenance costs.

Himanshu Saraowgi QA Engineer, Pegasystems

Test Studio integrated seamlessly into our automated software testing needs. Its ease-of-use is unbelievable. It does all the heavy lifting allowing the developer to focus on more in-depth testing.

Gregory Hargrove Software Developer, Correct Care Solutions

After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.

Mark Judson Software Developer, EBSCO Industries Inc.

Testing Solutions

Modern applications are infinitely complex. With Test Studio you can go deeper in your testing to cover all your bases—test the behavior, responsiveness and performance of your web and WPF applications.

Functional UI Testing

Maximize test coverage and reduce maintenance while continually improving quality. Test Studio automatically adjusts to app changes, eliminating debt and ensuring new levels of test stability.

Load testing

Create complex load scenarios to inform critical decisions. Test Studio's load testing suite enables you to verify that your web app meets business needs for speed, performance, and user satisfaction.

RESTful API Testing

Test Studio's API testing helps you verify the integrity and reliability of your APIs. Plug API testing into CI/CD to leverage the continuous testing approach along with agile development.

Responsive Testing

Test Studio's features for responsive web testing offer an easy way to validate your UI against different form factors without repetitive testing, switching browser modes or devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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