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Blazor PDFProcessing

  • Blazor PDFProcessing comes with easy to use API which allows code-only generation of PDF documents.
  • Part of the Telerik UI for Blazor library along with 110+ professionally-designed UI components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, Visual Studio Code Extensions and more!
Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Header
  • Create, Import and Export PDF Documents with Blazor PdfProcessing Library

    Create, import and export PDF documents using C# and VB.NET with PdfProcessing for Blazor. The library supports .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET Standard. The API offers two editing methods—one working with native PDF elements, allowing you great control over the layout, and one enabling you to edit the PDF document as a flow document. The document model is entirely independent from UI and allows you to generate sleek documents with differently formatted text, images, shapes and more.

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Overview
  • Performance

    The Telerik PdfProcessing library for Blazor offers unparalleled performance and optimal memory usage—it decodes images on demand, compresses content with FlateDecode encryption to reduce its size and embeds font subsets by including only the frequently used glyphs.

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Performance
  • Automatic Layout

    Telerik Blazor PdfProcessing enables you to easily flow content into the page in a fixed PDF format by using blocks, tables and lists.

  • Pages

    Adding and removing pages, plus modifying page properties such as page size, orientation and more.

    Documentation on how to work with Pages in RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Pages
  • Images

    The Telerik Blazor PdfProcessing library decodes images on demand. The API supports access to the encoded image data and lets you control the image quality when saving the document.

    Documentation on how to work with Images in RadPdfProcessing

  • Geometries

    Describe the geometry of a 2D shape. Telerik PdfProcessing comes with support for geometry types like PathSegment, ArcSegment and more.

    Documentation on the supported Geometries in RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Geometries
  • Clipping

    Use clipping to control which parts of content elements such as images and paths are displayed in a PDF document by defining their bounding outline.

    Documentation on Clipping support in RadPdfProcessing

  • Form XObjects

    Form XObjects enable you to reuse recurrent objects throughout a PDF document in order to reduce its size. You can add text, images, vector elements and more to a composite object and reference it multiple times.

  • Interactive Forms

    Leverage textboxes, radio-buttons, listboxes and similar controls to make the PDF document interactive. In this way you enable your user to fill and edit data in the PDF document. Once the users fill the required data, you can also flatten the forms. The form field flattening feature removes all fields but preserves their content in the document to disallow further modifications.

    Documentation on working with Interactive Forms in RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Interactive Forms
  • Bookmarks

    Bookmarks link to a particular page or section of a PDF document to allow users to quickly jump to that portion of the file. You can easily name and organize bookmarks in a hierarchical structure, providing a listing of the file’s contents.

    Documentation on Bookmarks support in RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Bookmarks
  • Annotations

    Associate an object with a location within the PDF document to provide users with an interactive point. The Telerik PdfProcessing library for Blazor supports two types of annotations—link and widget annotations. Use link annotations to link a destination elsewhere in the document or trigger an external URL action. Use widget annotations to define the visual appearance of and manage user interactions within the interactive form fields of the PDF document.

    Documentation on Annotations support in RadPdfProcessing

  • Destinations

    Destinations can be associated with outline items, annotations or actions in a PDF document. The destination specifies the document view when the outline is open or the action is performed. To reuse a destination, simply create it as a named destination.

    Documentation on Destinations support in RadPdfProcessing

  • Colors and Color Spaces

    Thanks to the powerful Blazor PdfProcessing library API, you can define ARGB colors and various color patterns, such as tiling or sophisticated gradients, to customize the appearance of geometries, text and other objects in a PDF document.

    Documentation on Colors and Color Spaces support in RadPdfProcessing

  • Fonts and Encodings

    The sophisticated encoding mechanism of Telerik PdfProcessing for Blazor empowers you to display any type of text in any language. The library supports standard and embedded PDF fonts, including Type0 (CIDFontType0 and CIDFontType2), Type1 and TrueType as well as a variety of Character maps (CMAPs).

    Documentation on Fonts support in RadPdfProcessing

  • Text and Graphic Properties

    A rich API helps you customize the appearance of textual and graphical elements when creating or editing a PDF document. You can use styling controls, such as fill, text stroke, font size, font family and many more to easily meet any design requirements.

  • Leveraging the rich API you can search for a specific text within PDF files, using various methods to tailor search criteria and even search based on regular expressions. The search results will provide you with the page and location of the searched text.

    Learn more in the Document Processing Search section in the documentation
  • Encryption

    To ensure better security the PDFProcessing supports the following encryption algorithms, which can be managed using the EncryptionType property:

    • For import: RC4 (V2), AES-128 (AESV2), AES-256 (AESV3)
    • For export: RC4 (V2), AES-256 (AESV3)

    Additionally, you can encrypt PDF documents with a password to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your files.

    Learn more in the PDF Processing Export Settings documentation

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Encryption
  • Support for PDF/A Standard

    Save documents in a PDF/A-compliant format. The PDF/A standard aims at extending the longevity of PDF documents by making them self-contained so they can be accurately reproduced on any device.

    Documentation on PDF/A Standard support in RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Support for PDF A Standard
  • Merge Documents

    You can easily add pages from multiple PDF documents to a single file by using the Merge Document option.

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Merge PDF Documents
  • Lightweight Merging and Splitting

    The PdfFileStream API helps you export PDF documents with unmatched performance and small memory footprint. Extremely useful when you need to add content to an existing file, merge or split documents without having to load the document model in memory.

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Lightweight merging and splitting
  • Export to PDF and Plain Text

    Extracting text from a PDF file can be difficult and prone to errors. With Telerik PdfProcessing for Blazor, you can effortlessly convert a PDF file to plain text, which can facilitate indexing.

    Documentation on how to export a PDF or plain text with RadPdfProcessing

    Telerik UI for Blazor PdfProcessing - Export to PDF and Plain Text

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