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  • Blazor SpreadProcessing Overview

    SpreadProcessing for Blazor is a document processing library for spreadsheet documents. The perfect companion to your Telerik UI for Blazor powered business application, SpreadProcessing is irreplaceable for any place you need to manipulate large arrays of data. Extract data from existing documents and generate new ones or use the library as a data manipulator in its own right. 

  • Convert To/From and Work With Any Spreadsheet File Format

    Export or import files from any of the many supported formats: 

    • XLSX (Excel files)
    • CSV (Comma separated values)
    • TSV/TXT (Tab separated values)
    • PDF (only export is supported)
  • Huge Formula Support

    Spreadsheet computing is all about formulas and rest assured we have them. With formulas for anything from Finance and Statistics to Engineering, even the most demanding user needs can be quickly satisfied. 

  • Support For Many Number Formats

    Data is the backbone of spreadsheets and its invaluable to specify the exact type of quantity a number represents. SpreadProcessing for Blazor supports many number formats like percentages, currencies, dates and others. Our tools help you represent and manipulate data the way you need it to be done. 

  • Standalone and Independent With No External Requirements

    SpreadProcessing for Blazor does not require MS Excel to be installed on the client’s computer or in fact any other third-party libraries, plugins, browser extensions or server addons. 

  • Intuitive API

    SpreadProcessing ships with an API you don’t need to learn. Our API is designed so that you can intuitively guess the correct way to achieve what you want to. 

  • Unmatched Performance

    A library built with performance in mind. Even with large amounts of data, document processing has a small memory footprint. Processing optimizations are constantly worked on and every release makes us faster than the last one. 


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