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  • Blazor ZipLibrary Overview

    ZipLibrary allows you to load data from existing ZIP archives, or to build and edit ZIPs using data such as images, docx or pdf files that can be used by other applications. You can also create memory-based ZIP archives or use a stream to get data and add it to a ZIP archive.

  • Load or Create ZIP Files

    Read the files in the Zip or stream quickly, and get information about their name, actual size, etc. Load the files directly, include each file for download or view the information about them in any format desired.


  • Compress and Decompress Streams

    When you need to save or transfer large sets of data, compress streams and decompress them only when you need to use them again. Save storage space and traffic on network.

  • Encryption for Higher Security

    Password protection for higher security is available for you to lock any of the created archives.

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