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Blazor QR Code

  • Use the Blazor QR Code component to turn URLs, text, phone numbers and any other information into easily customizable QR codes.
  • This component is part of the largest truly native Blazor component suite - Telerik UI for Blazor designed to perfectly fit in any app’s requirement.
  • The Blazor UI suite also comes with professionally designed themes enabled with a flip of a switch, document processing library, rich docs & demos to help you get started in no time.
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  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for Blazor QR Code component allows users to turn any URL, string, numbers and more information formats into Canvas or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to construct a QR code. It can then be scanned with any smart device and would instantly display the stored information or redirect the user to the encoded URL.  

    Telerik UI for Blazor QRCode
  • Encoding

    The component allows the encoding of various data formats, such as:  

    • URLs
    • Email addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Contact information
    • Geolocation

    In many cases, the value of the QR code is processed by the device in the most convenient way for reading the information. For example, locations are opened in the Maps app of the device, URLs are opened by the browser, etc. 

    Read more about the QR Code Encoding in our documentation 

  • Support for Logo/Image

    The Blazor QR Code can be customized in various ways. One of them allows you to add your company logo or a picture of your liking by using an image URL with set height and width. 

    Add your custom logo to the Telerik UI for Blazor QR Code 

    Telerik UI for Blazor QRCode Logo and Image Support
  • Swiss QR Code

    The Telerik UI for Blazor QR Code also supports the generation of Swiss QR codes. This comes in handy when dealing with Swiss invoices and payments as payment slips are now encoded in QR codes, containing payment information such as account holder, amount due, IBAN and currency. 
    Telerik UI for Blazor QRCode Swiss
  • Customization

    The component comes with multiple built-in configuration options. They allow you to modify the error correction level, size, width, padding and border width of the QR Code as well as customize its colors and overlay settings. 

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