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What's Coming in 2021?

Telerik UI for Blazor

The Telerik UI for Blazor Team is excited to announce the new native components and features that will be shipped with Telerik UI for Blazor in the upcoming 2021 releases.  As we continuously grow and enhance the product offering, we will mark the roadmap components and features that are already delivered in the Telerik UI for Blazor suite with .

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to keep submitting your ideas and requests on the dedicated Blazor feedback portal, so we can shape the future of Telerik UI for Blazor together!

New Blazor Gantt Component

The Gantt is one of the most popular tools for visualizing and managing projects and tasks. In 2021 we are happy that the Gantt component will become part of the suite and will let you easily build Blazor apps involving projects, tasks, timelines tracking with start/end dates, statuses and resources.

New Blazor ColorPicker & ColorPalette Components

The ColorPicker & ColorPaletter components will allow users to select a predefined or custom colors.[March update - ColorPalette component available with Telerik UI for Blazor 2.23 release]

Blazor Grid New Features

The Blazor Grid will be further expanded with the following new features:

   ✔ Column formatting attribute
   ✔ Conditional formatting of cells
   ✔ CSV Export
   ✔ Animation during Grid load
   ✔ Load Groups on demand
   ✔ Multi-checkbox filter
   ✔ Excel-like editing and navigation
   ✔ Custom Column Menu
   ✔ Row selection through checkboxes only 
   ✔ Checkbox default editor for booleans
   ✔ Fit Column Width to Content
   ✔ Hide columns on small devices
   ✔ Built-in editing validation
   ✔ Reorder Rows
   ✔ Multi-column headers
   ✔ Keyboard Navigation with Column Virtualization
   ✔ Pass Context to Command Buttons
   ✔ Alignment of Grid Cell Values

  • No Data Template
  • Grid - Delete Confirmation
  • Remote grouping with virtualization
  • Export Grid data to PDF
  • Merge cells
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Cell/Range Selection
  • And more! 

Blazor Pager Component Enhancements

In 2021, new enhancements and options for customizations will also be added to the Pager component:

  • Go to Page Input
  • Page Size DropDownList

New Admin Project Template

We are adding the Visual Studio Admin Project Template as a trendy and highly requested template. Its predefined layout will include popular components such as GridCharts and more.

Blazor Breadcrumb Component

Navigational UI component that displays the current location within a hierarchical folder structure or web page. It provides an easy way to navigate backwards by one or multiple steps.

Blazor Carousel Component

The Carousel UI component will provide multiple out-of-the box options for beautifully displaying and scrolling through collections of images and other content.

Blazor Barcode Component

Тhe new Barcode component will serve as generator of barcodes for screen scanning and printing.

Blazor FileSelect Component

The FileSelect component will provide ability to get files as a byte arrays and give you the flexibility to decide inside the component what next operation you would like to perform with the file as a byte array. 

Compatibility with .NET 6.0

To make sure you get the latest and greatest from .NET 6, we will ensure that Telerik UI for Blazor has full compatibility and support for .NET 6.0 GA (General Availability) later this year in November.

Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation Improvements

We will continue with our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of our UI components, along with keyboard navigation implementing multiple Blazor controls: ✔Upload, ✔ Editor, ✔TreeList, ✔Scheduler and more.

Blazor Scheduler Enhancements

  • Timeline View
  • ContextMenu Event  

   ✔ Appointment Templates
   ✔ Resource Grouping

The Scheduler appointment templates feature enables you to fully customize the Scheduler events with images, links and custom content.

Blazor TreeView Enhancements

The TreeView component will be enhanced to give further flexibility when working with tree nodes:

   ✔ Drag & Drop functionality
   ✔ Checkbox selection of nodes

and the upcoming 

  • ContextMenu event
  • TreeView items renaming

Blazor TreeList Component Enhancements

The TreeList component will recieve multiple new features like:

  ✔ Row selection through checkboxes only 
  ✔ Checkbox default editor for booleans
  ✔ Excel-like editing and navigation
  ✔ Fit Column Width to Content 
  ✔ Built-in editing validation
   ✔ Reorder Rows
   ✔ Multi-column headers  

  • And more! 

✔ New Blazor Stepper Component

You will be able to represent a sequence of related steps and how the user progresses/navigates through them with the Stepper Component.

✔ New Blazor Wizard Component

The Wizard component splits a long process into multiple steps. It shows user’s progress into the process and the steps left to complete it. The component also validates the data input before allowing the user to proceed further.

✔ New Blazor StackLayout & GridLayout Components

The StackLayout & GridLayout components will help developers transitioning from desktop development to build and arrange web layout in a familiar way by stacking UI components within Blazor applications.

✔ Blazor Calendar Enhancements

The Calendar templates feature and Render event will enable you to fully customize the dates with images, links and custom content.

✔ Blazor Select Components Enhancements

In 2021 we will add Grouping and Virtualization to multiple select editor components such as DropDownListComboBox and more. In addition to that we will add filtering feature to the DropDownList component.

✔ New Blazor Card Component

Cards are flexible content containers that will allow actions to be performed on a specific object represented by the card.

✔ New Blazor PanelBar Component

The PanelBar component will help you when you need to represent information in a clean and well-structured way. The PanelBar consists of collapsible panes - each with a header and content area.

✔ Blazor Window Component Enhancements

The Window component will be boosted with the following functionalities:

   ✔ Draggable
   ✔ Predefined Windows (implemented as predefined Dialogs)
   ✔Stacking of Windows 

✔ Blazor Date and Time Pickers Enhancements

The DateTimePicker and TimePicker components will be enhanced with the option to pick a time interval. 

✔ Blazor Editor Enhancements

   ✔ Highlighting
   ✔ Paste Cleanup
   ✔ Copy & Paste Images

✔ New Blazor Form Component

A new Form control will also become a part of our UI for Blazor product set. The new Form component will provide an easy way to generate and manage forms with various contained components, layout and orientation.

✔ New Blazor Validation Components

Validation components that enhance the Blazor framework built-in validation support with DataAnnotation attributes, option to localize and customize error messages, templates and more.

✔ New Blazor Masked Textbox Component 

The new Masked Textbox component will enable you to benefit from built-in masks and distinguish between proper and improper user input. You can use a mask to specify the accepted format such as IP address, telephone number, post code, etc.

✔ New Blazor Notification Component 

Notifications are a common element of any app and you will be armed with fancy out-of-the box way to display animated notifications that can be dismissed by users or automatically dismiss after some time.

✔ New Blazor Toolbar Component

The Toolbar is a feature-rich component that holds and groups different types of Blazor controls such as buttons, button groups, toggle buttons, and other customized elements. The tool bar provides an interface for the end user to select and execute a command from its collection.

✔ New Blazor Slider & RangeSlider Component

The Slider components (Slider and Ranger Slider) allow you to select a value or range of values from specified min and max boundaries. Sliders are ideal for setting ranges such as price, volume or scale.

✔  New Blazor Progress Bar Component

The Progress Bar component will enable you to visualize the progress of task execution in various ways.

✔  New Blazor Chunk Progress Bar Component

To further expand the options for visual indication of completion level of tasks, we included a separate Chunk Progress bar component that is a perfect fit for operations with predefined number of steps (chunks). 

✔ New Blazor Radar Charts

The Radar Chart (also known as Spider chart) will include three types: Line, Column and Area and will allow visualization and analysis of multivariable data in a single view.

✔  New Blazor TextArea Component

The new TextArea component will allow users to input and edit larger pieces of text, while keeping the same look and feel with other UI input elements in the Blazor app.  

✔ New Blazor Splitter Component

The new Splitter component will provide resizable and expandable panes with horizontal/vertical orientation, that will enable you to compose different layouts in your Blazor applications.

✔  New Blazor RadioButton Component

With the RadioButton component you will be able to cover the common user scenario of single-choice option selection from a list.

New Blazor PivotGrid Component

Powerful visualization PivotGrid component with capability to load massive volumes of data and allowing users to perform data analysis/drill-down operations over multi-dimensional data.

✔ Variety of Blazor Gauge Components

New Radial, Arc, Circular and Linear Gauge components to make the development of data visualization Blazor apps and dashboard like pages easy and productive. 

✔ New Blazor LoaderContainer Component

The Loader Container will facilitate the indication that a loading process is currently happening in Blazor components such as Grid, TreeList and Scheduler. The LoaderContainer will create an overlay over the main component and display loading indicator to show that loading is in progress.

✔ Blazor TabStrip Component Enhancements

Will add more options to customize the TabStrip using Header Templates and applying CSS styles on different component levels.  

✔  Blazor MultiSelect Enhancements

New parameter will allow configuration of the MultiSelect to allow/disallow multiple selection of items when open.

✔ Component Instance and Popup CSS class

With this new feature you will be able to easily style individual component instances, without affecting the rest of the components of same type. Furthermore, we will expose CSS class property for popups within components, so you can customize them based on specific requirements.

✔ Compatibility with .NET 5.0

To make sure you get the latest and greatest from .NET 5, we will ensure that Telerik UI for Blazor has full compatibility and support for .NET 5.0 GA (General Availability) later this year in November.


We operate in a dynamic environment, and things are subject to change. The information provided on these and related pages is intended to outline the general Telerik product direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. We may decide to add new controls at any time depending on our capability to deliver products meeting our quality standards. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality described for Telerik products remains at the sole discretion of Progress. These roadmaps do not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.

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