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Compare snapshots

New feature
This feature will allow you to compare sessions from your saved sessions list in Fiddler Everywhere. Pick two and differentiate why one may or may not be working as expected. 

Performance Suggestions

New feature
We will continue to focus providing performance improvement selections such as image optimizations, timings per different speeds, caching headers suggestions, and repeat functionality. 

Mask/delete requests sensitive data

New feature
For additional usage security when using Fiddler Everywhere, you will be able to control requests that might include sensitive information in cookies, headers, and post data. Alternatively, you may opt to make the information above not visible. 

Compare requests

New feature
Another feature we will be adding to Fiddler Everywhere is selecting two rows from the session list and comparing them in terms of query parameters, request headers, and more. The comparison feature will help you spot differences and determine why one request might or might not work as expected. 

Saved filters

New feature
The advanced filter option will allow you to specify the filter criteria by which you want to see captured sessions and save those filters along with the power to re-use them every time you search for specific results. 

Bandwidth simulation

New feature
A feature you can expect in 2022 is bandwidth simulation. Bandwidth simulation allows you to simulate different internet speeds and how apps and websites operate in such conditions to test performance further and build accordingly. 

Security Suggestions

This enhancement will introduce options for security improvements related to invalid or expiring HTTPS certificates, as well as for cases in which sensitive data might be sent over HTTP or Query parameters. 

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