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It’s time to make the next step – to build Fiddler for Linux and Mac to be as good as Fiddler for Windows. And we need your help. Try it out and help us bring the most used features and scenarios faster to you.

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Want to work directly with the Fiddler engineering team? Join the thousands of people around the world and get early access to the latest bits of code before anyone else.  Let’s build the future of Fiddler together.


Fiddler for Windows

What will happen with the old Fiddler - Fiddler for Windows?

We will continue to develop Fiddler for Windows at least until Fiddler Everywhere has feature parity with it, and probably long after that. For two major reasons. It works. And everyone loves it.


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What's New


HTTPS Decryption

Allows you to capture HTTPS traffic.


Content Decoding

Allows you to read encoded requests and responses


Remote Connections

Allows you to capture traffic from another machine/device

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