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  • Bring advanced Excel-like and Google Sheet-like experience to your Angular applications.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for Angular library along with 110+ professionally-designed components.
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Spreadsheet header
  • Enrich Your Web Apps with Excel and Google Sheet-like Experiences

    The Kendo UI for Angular Spreadsheet enables you to easily edit and visualize tabular data by using cell formatting options, styles, and themes. With a wide range of functionalities, the component empowers users to effectively manage and manipulate data in a spreadsheet-like interface. 

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Overview Demo 

    Spreadsheet Overview
  • The component has a variety of built-in tools to help users create, edit, and style the data. The main menu has three different tabs, including File, Home, and Insert, each offering a convenient way to manage the data. The Home menu enables users to format and style the text in different ways to make it more readable and visually appealing. The insert menu, on the other hand, provides an easy way to insert or delete rows and columns within the spreadsheet.  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Menu and Toolbar Tools demo 

    SpreadSheet Toolbar
  • Data Import and Export

    The Kendo UI for Angular Spreadsheet provides the possibility to store and load data in a native JSON format, as well as import and export .xlsx files directly within the component. 

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Import and Export Demo 

    SpreadSheet Import and Export
  • Action Bar

    Save time and increase your productivity with the Spreadsheet’s action bar, providing various tools for managing the cell selection and calculating cell values by entering formulas into the dedicated formula input.  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Action Bar demo 

    Spreadsheet Action Bar
  • Sheets Bar

    The Sheets Bar offers a convenient way to manage the sheets and perform various actions, such as adding a new sheet, modifying an existing one (rename, delete, duplicate, or reorder), and changing an active sheet.  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Sheets Bar demo 

    Spreadsheet Sheets Bar
  • Context Menu

    The Spreadsheet‘s context menu provides extensive capabilities, enabling you to perform different actions within the spreadsheet, such as the ability to copy and paste content from the clipboard directly into the cells or the ability to fine-tune the rows and columns appearance. 

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Context Menu demo

    Spreadsheet ContextMenu
  • Appearance

    The component enables you to customize the default appearance of the cells and the look and feel of the respective content. The built-in properties allow you to configure all cells at once or just highlight the most important information. You can customize the header width and height, row height, column width, and the default cells style.  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Appearance demo  

  • Events

    The Spreadsheet component enables you to emits certain events that enable you to control its behavior upon user interaction: 

    • activeSheetChange – triggered when the active sheet is about to change 

    • change – triggered when a value in the spreadsheet is changed  

    • excelExport – triggered when the user clicks the Export to Excel toolbar button  

    • excelImport – triggered when the user clicks the Open toolbar button 

    • formatChange – triggered when the selected range format is changed  

    • selectionChange – triggered when a user changes a selection  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Events demo 

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Enhance accessibility and productivity with keyboard-only navigation. The Angular Spreadsheet component includes keyboard navigation support, enabling users to navigate and interact with its items efficiently using only the keyboard.  

    See the Angular Spreadsheet Keyboard Navigation demo  

    keyboard navigation

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