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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Popup component can be used to present content next to an HTML element. It is typically laid over other content to display critical information or provide users with choices. The Angular Popup can be used as a standalone component and comes integrated into several other Kendo UI for Angular components.

    See Angular Popup Overview demo.

  • Alignment and Positioning

    The Kendo UI for Angular Popup component has built-in calculations for displaying the popup and allows you to align the popup to other Angular components with various configuration options to control precisely where the popup should appear.

    See Angular Popup Alignment and Positioning demo.

  • Animations

    By default, the Kendo UI for Angular Popup component animates the open and close actions. Animations can be tweaked and customized or disabled completely.

    See Angular Popup Animations demo.

  • Appearance

    Out of the box, the Kendo UI for Angular Popup component contains some basic styling. For scenarios that require advanced or custom styling, developers can take full control over the appearance of the Angular Popup to ensure that the component will fit any Angular application’s design.

    See Angular Popup Appearance demo.

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