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Angular PivotGrid (Beta)

  • Excel-like display and analysis of OLAP or tabular data. This Beta version is the starting point for the upcoming full-featured Angular PivotGrid.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for Angular library along with 100+ professionally-designed components developers trust for all their Angular UI needs.
  • Get up and running quickly with award winning support, detailed documentation, demos, virtual classrooms and a 3-million-strong developer community.
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Create Multidimensional Data Visualizations

    The Angular PivotGrid Beta allows you to connect to OLAP or tabular data and display it in multiple dimensions much like the Pivot Tables you see in Microsoft Excel. This version is the initial Beta release and the intent is to get you started. More features will roll out over the coming months. You can easily bind remote or local data and programmatically configure dimensions, measures, axes, theming, and more. Check out the Getting Started article to see how powerful and easy it is!

    See the Angular PivotGrid Beta demo

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