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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Slider gives users a quick and sleek tool for selecting a value by dragging a handle around a track. Simple upon initial glance, the component can be customized to cover a large array of scenarios.

    See Angular Slider Overview demo.

  • Read-Only Slider

    The Kendo UI for Angular Slider can be rendered in a read-only mode, which has the same visual style as the default Angular Slider but prevents users from updating the component’s value.

    See Angular Slider Read-Only Slider demo.

  • Orientation

    With the orientation setting, the Kendo UI for Angular Slider can be rendered in both horizontal and vertical modes.

    See Angular Slider Orientation demo.

  • Disabled Slider

    By setting the enabled property to false, the Kendo UI for Angular Slider will prevent user interactions and will be given a unique visual style that indicates that the component is disabled.

    See Angular Slider Disabled Slider demo.

  • Predefined Steps

    The Kendo UI for Angular Slider can be configured to contain both large and small steps, defining the exact values available inside the component. The difference between large and small steps usually indicates major values with minor steps in between.

    See Angular Slider Predefined Steps demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Thanks to built-in support for keyboard navigation, users can interact with and navigate the Kendo UI for Angular Slider with their keyboard.

    See Angular Slider Keyboard Navigation.

  • Accessibility

    The Kendo UI for Angular Slider complies with modern accessibility guidelines, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA modes and is AAA rated with WCAG 2.0.

    See Angular Slider Accessibility demo.

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