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Angular Filter

  • Help your users build complex data expressions for any data model with this intuitive interface.
  • Part of the Kendo UI for Angular library along with 100+ professionally-designed components developers trust for all their Angular UI needs.
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  • Overview

    The Angular Filter component gives your users a point-and-click UI for building data queries. It can bind to any existing data model and provide and endless list of parameters to be used. Each filter parameter can be removed as easily as it was added, by simply clicking the delete action item. The Filter can be used on its own or with other Kendo UI for Angular components.

    See the Angular Filter Overview demo

  • Templates

    The Angular Filter allows you to apply your own Angular template to customize the formatting for the value of the expression builder to your requirements. Date formatting is a very common example.


    See the Angular Filter Templates demo


  • Default Filter Formats

    When using the building expressions with the Angular Filter, users can enter date and numeric parameters (among others) and chances are that your requirements dictate that they be in a specific format. For your convenience you can set the default format for these inputs.


    See the Angular Filter Editor Formats demo


  • Globalization

    All of Kendo UI for Angular supports right-to-left rendering, message localization, and automatic local symbology and formatting. This ensures that they can fit into any globalization scenario.

    See the Angular Filter Globalization demo


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