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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Tree List component is one of the most powerful and flexible data components designed for Angular developers looking to display relational data. The Angular Tree Grid is perfect for data that is homogenous and hierarchical, which means all data items have the same fields and each level aligns its columns with the parent and child elements. The Angular Tree Grid comes with critical features, including sorting, filtering, paging, editing and row and column virtualization to assist with handling large datasets. Each column of the Angular TreeList can be resized, reordered by dragging and dropping and hidden through the dedicated column menu. Moreover, users can customize the cells of the Angular TreeList with Angular templates to provide a custom look and feel.

    See Angular TreeList Overview demo.

  • Tree Grid Functionality

    If you are looking for an angular tree grid, the TreeList component will fit your requirements. Many similar libraries include a tree list view as part of their primary grid feature, set, but the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList component offers it as a focused component. 
  • Paging

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList provides paging through a single configuration option. It enables users to navigate through large datasets by only displaying a subset of the data at a time. The Angular Pager uses helpful UX prompts to assists users to navigate through the available pages and underlying data and customize the number of items per page.

    See Angular TreeList Paging demo.

  • Sorting

    With sorting enabled in the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList, any field can be sorted in an ascending or descending order. By simply clicking on a column header, users can cycle through ascending, descending and no sort order. You can also programmatically configure the sort order to be set upon initial page load and to apply to single or multiple columns.

    See Angular TreeList Sorting demo.

  • Filtering

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList provides an intuitive interface for filtering across the various fields. The filtering options can be accessed through a dedicated filter row or a filter icon in each column.

    See Angular TreeList Filtering demo.

  • Editing

    End users can quickly create, update and delete items when editing is enabled in the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList. The available editing options appear on a cell-by-cell level as users enter or click the cell or on a row-by-row basis to set an entire row in edit mode. Data items can also be edited in an external form.

    See Angular TreeList Editing demo.

  • Multi-Header Columns

    Multi-header columns allow for columns to be grouped under parent column headers, giving users additional context on how certain columns and fields are related. With the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList, there is no limit to the depth or organization of multi-header columns and the number of  column interactions. Reordering and resizing the multi-header columns will apply to all child columns.

    See Angular TreeList Multi-Header Columns demo.

  • Column Interactions

    Configure the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList columns to be displayed or hidden, reordered by dragging and dropping, or resized using the UI handlers. Interaction options can be enabled or disabled on a column-by-column basis or for the entire column collection.

    See Angular TreeList Column Interactions demo.

  • Custom Cell Templates

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList comes with default UI components to help display data in read or edit modes. Any cell within the Angular Tree Grid can use Angular templates to define its look and feel, ensuring that the Angular Tree Grid can fit in to any custom requirements.

    See Angular TreeList Custom Cell Templates demo.

  • Row and Column Virtualization

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList can easily handle large datasets thanks to the built-in row and column virtualizations. No matter the size of the underlying dataset, users can effortlessly scroll through the dataset both horizontally and vertically.

    See Angular TreeList Row and Column Virtualization.
  • Selection

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList offers various way to select data items, including directly clicking on a row or via a checkbox column. Additionally, the Angular Tree Grid can programmatically set rows to be selected and provides and API for getting the list of selected items.

    See Angular TreeList Selection demo.

  • Frozen Columns

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList provides the ability to freeze or lock columns on both the right- and left-hand sides of the Angular Tree Grid. What columns are locked can be defined ahead of time, or through the column menu provided within each column.

    See Angular TreeList Frozen Columns demo.

  • Toolbar Template

    Toolbar Templates for the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList allow developers to create custom buttons at the top, bottom, or both at the top and the bottom of the Angular Tree Grid. Out of the box, default toolbar buttons include the PDF Export and Excel Export buttons and with the toolbar template developers can add their own using an Angular template.

    See Angular TreeList Toolbar Template demo.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive design comes built-in to the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList. This includes responsive columns and settings to help control which columns should be displayed or hidden based on the available viewport, as well as the ability to have a responsive height set.

    See Angular TreeList Responsive Design demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Every aspect of the Kendo UI for Angular TreeList can be accessed and managed through the Angular Tree Grid’s built-in keyboard navigation.

    See Angular TreeList Keyboard Navigation demo.

  • Accessibility

    The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList is AAA rated with WCAG 2.0 and is compliant with Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards.

    See Angular TreeList Accessibility demo.

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