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Locked Columns

Locked (frozen) columns are the columns that are visible at all times while the user scrolls the Kendo UI TreeList for Angular horizontally.


The Kendo UI TreeList for Angular enables you to toggle the locked (frozen) state of its columns.

To allow the component to adjust the layout of its frozen and non-frozen columns and for the feature to work properly, make sure that:

  • Scrolling is enabled.
  • The height option of the TreeList is set.
  • The widths of all TreeList columns are explicitly set in pixels so that the TreeList is able to adjust the layout of the locked and unlocked columns.
  • The total width of the locked columns does not exceed the width of the available viewport or the width of the TreeList, if width is explicitly set.


The TreeList supports locked columns on the left side of the table (or on the right side when the TreeList is in RTL mode).

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Known Limitations

  • When you lock columns in the TreeList, leave at least one unlocked column as well. If you need to hide all non-locked columns, unlock one of the locked columns before you hide the last non-locked column.
  • It is not possible to touch-scroll frozen columns, because they are wrapped in a container with the overflow:hidden style. To work around this limitation on desktop devices, use the wheel event. Currently, the TreeList does not support such a workaround for touch devices.

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