The Fast and Secure Way to Share Network Debugging Logs 

Reduce the time to troubleshoot remote customer issues with Fiddler Jam. 
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What is Fiddler Jam?

Fiddler Jam is a solution for support and development teams to help them troubleshoot issues quickly, easily, and securely. How does it work? Customers share network logs via a Chrome extension instead of manually attaching to an email or a support ticket. Support team analyzes the logs for troubleshooting. Developers debug further by inspecting the logs in Fiddler Everywhere.

What Can You Use It For?

Easy Log Capture to Inspect HTTP/s Traffic

Fiddler Jam lets your customers capture HTTP/S traffic logs using our Google Chrome extension. It’s a quick and easy way to capture network traffic logs—no technical skills required!

Automated and User-Friendly Approach for Sharing Logs

Share captured log files with just a URL! Fiddler Jam integrates with support ticketing and collaboration tools such as JIRA, Freshdesk, GitHub and Service Now.

Collaborate with Your Engineering and Support Teams

Debug traffic virtually for your application by collaborating and discussing the issue within your team. Troubleshooting becomes easier with the built-in integration with Fiddler Everywhere.

Securely Collect Logs From Customers

Let your customers securely share logs with password protection and set policies to mask sensitive data.

Fiddler Jam works in 3 easy steps

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  • Capture HTTP/S logs

    Record network requests/responses with a lightweight browser extension.

  • Securely share logs

    Password protect the log files, mask sensitive data, and share them securely with support teams. Integrate with existing ticketing systems to add a reference to the support ticket.

  • Debug and fix web issues

    With all details in place, Dev teams can open logs in Fiddler everywhere to debug and fix issues with Fiddler Everywhere.


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