Fiddler Jam

Secure Bug Reports for Exceptional Customer Support

An all-in-one tool that collects bug details to help you resolve issues faster and more efficiently while delighting your end-users.

Successfully Delighting End-Users and Support Teams

Fiddler Jam provides a powerful chromium-based browser extension for end-users to record network activity, capture console logs and screenshots along with a cloud-based portal for support teams to inspect and troubleshoot sessions, screenshots, and console logs.

How Fiddler Jam Zeros in on the Problem



Using the Fiddler Jam browser extension, the end-user submits their logs in a self-service and secure way. To eliminate the concerns and risks associated with storing sensitive data, the submitted captured logs are focused on the specific browser tab only. 


Support Team

The support team member completes the initial analysis of the bug being reported. Seeing precisely what the end-user is experiencing, the support agent can quickly determine the proper resolution approach without wondering if something critical to the fix was missed. 


Developer Team

The developer team receives portable data logs and, in most instances, can resolve the issue on the fly with the collaboratively provided context. The developer team can complete an advanced log analysis if needed with Fiddler Everywhere. Learn about the integration.

What Data is Recorded from the End-User?​

Fiddler Jam records all network activity in the end-user’s current browser tab. What you can expect to see in a log recording includes:​​

  • Recorded video 
  • Recorded screenshots
  • All HTTP/HTTPS traffic
  • Loaded page clicks
  • Console logs executed from the source code
  • Captured details from Local and Session Storage 
  • User actions such as click, input, scroll, navigate, and open/close tab 
  • Operating system, browser type, screen resolution, and localization details

Fiddler Jam for the End-User in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Install Browser Extension

To Get the Fiddler Jam extension, click Add to Chrome from Chrome Web Store or Get the Add-on from the Microsoft Edge store. 

Step 2

Start Capture

Click the Fiddler Jam icon in the browser’s address bar, then click Start Capture to record the bug.

Step 3

Share Logs

After the session has been captured, share the session using a public or protect the log with a password.

Benefits of Using Fiddler Jam

Keep your schedule on track

Fiddler Jam eliminates the need for remote meetings with clients. All the information needed to effectively troubleshoot is in generated Fiddler Jam log file.​

Get tickets out of the queue

Those support tickets that are hurting your average issue resolution time, get to their root cause quickly by having Fiddler Jam expertly record what is happening at every moment.​

Find those untraceable bugs

Allow remote users from around the world to record a session and send a log even if you are in geographical location where the same app version is not available. Use the mocking button to see what the problem is within their version and debug with full eyes.​

Streamline your tool use

Fiddler Jam is the solution that allows any support team to handle support tickets without requesting extra information from the client and it removes the reliance on additional tooling.​

​No server-side dependencies

With the Fiddler Jam browser extension, you can avoid the host of traditional adoption barriers, including IT system lockdowns.​

​Ease of use

Because Fiddler Jam is not a native solution, end-users can easily share the encountered bug with the support team as a link.​​

“By using Fiddler Jam, I get the full context to reproduce the bug. Even if the flow includes multiple tabs and browser windows, everything relevant is included. Having unified access to the Chrome local console and the web traffic between the browser and our servers, along with screenshots of user interaction helps us quickly triage the root cause of the issue.”

Stephen Applebaum

Director of Technology Operations, Collaborative Classroom

“Since we started using Fiddler Jam, our response rate from our customers has improved dramatically. Clients report not having to follow complicated technical steps removes their apprehension to respond.”

Karla Krejcir

Technical Support Specialist, Airtame

“With Fiddler Jam I spend less time instructing end-users on how to record and send logs because the steps are so easy to follow.”

Martin Duffy

Principal Specialist - Cybersecurity, Energy Transfer

What's New with Telerik Fiddler Jam

Enacted Embedded Library
Specified Time Submission
Easy video and screenshot capturing
reinforced sensitive data masking
  • Enacted Embedded Library

    The Fiddler Jam Embedded approach allows you to integrate the product’s capturing functionalities into your web application through a simple code snippet. 

  • Specified Time Submission

    End-users can set the playback range for recorded logs they plan to submit. You receive only the defined portion of the log needed to inspect specific actions, requests, screenshots, and videos.

  • Enhanced Video and Screenshot Capture

    Discover how with the Chrome Extension, you can extend the log information by including a video recording of the expected browser page as well as screenshots for each user interaction. Choose between two video formats - DOM or pixel-perfect.

  • Reinforced Sensitive Data Masking

    Eliminate the concerns associated with clients sending sensitive data inadvertently. By design, Fiddler Jam has built-in logic for recognizing types of data that may be sensitive and automatically masks it in log and video files.


Pricing Plans


For a small team of power users

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited accepted/open log captures
  • Video recording
  • Network log capturing
  • Console logs
  • User interaction capturing
  • Local and session storage capturing
  • Sensitive data masking

Lite Support
72h response time
1 ticket per user, per month10 tickets per user, per month

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For growing teams with
bigger project needs

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited accepted/open log captures
  • All of the features in Starter, plus:
  • Third-party issue tracking integration
  • Fiddler Jam Embedded

Lite Support
72h response time
1 ticket per user, per month10 tickets per user, per month

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For larger, expansive teams
and workgroups

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited accepted/open log captures
  • Everything in the Growth plan, plus:
  • SSO offers security and compliance benefits

Priority Support
24h response time
Unlimited tickets

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For teams with specific
business requirements

  • Need a custom quote
    for your 20+ user license team?
  • Need custom features?

Priority Support
Concierge-level support, your case is escalated to the top of the queue

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Your Fiddler Jam Trial Includes:

  • A fully functional 14-day product trial.
  • Strict data privacy protection. Your data remains with you, it will never be shared.
  • Easy upgrade path to a licensed product.
  • Full access to all online documentation, community forums and tutorials.