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The Kendo UI for Angular TreeList component is WCAG 2.2 AA and Section 508 compliant. The component also follows the WAI-ARIA best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its component role, and is tested against the popular screen readers.

Due to the rich feature set of the library and complexity of some components, the specific combination of configuration options may lead to inaccessible component rendering. Perform thorough testing on any modifications applied to the Kendo UI for Angular components to ensure that they continue to comply with the desired level of accessibility standards.

The following example demonstrates the accessibility compliance of the TreeList component. Open the example in a new window to evaluate it with Axe Core or other accessibility tools.

The described level of compliance is achievable with the Ocean Blue A11y Accessibility Swatch.

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WCAG 2.2 Compliance

WCAG 2.2 introduces new specifications for dragging movements. The TreeList's functionalities dependent on drag action include:

  • Column resizing.
  • Column reordering.
  • Row reordering. Check how to enable the row reordering functionality through context menu integration.

The following example demonstrates a TreeList that is fully compliant with the latest WCAG 2.2 AA accessibility guidelines. You can further adjust the implemented logic for the drag alternatives to better align with the project requirements.

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WAI-ARIA Support

All relevant internal elements of the TreeList component have the aria attributes and roles with their respective values, required for WCAG 2.2 compliance.

The keyboard navigation feature of the Kendo UI TreeList for Angular is disabled by default. For more information on how to enable it, refer to the article on keyboard navigation.

Section 508

The TreeList component is compliant with the Section 508 requirements.

Static analyzers

The tool used for Automated Testing is Axe Core.

Screen Readers

Microsoft EdgeJAWS


The following issues are related to the WAI-ARIA support limitations of browsers and screen readers: