Kendo UI for Angular

Latest Release
15 March 2023

11.4.0 (2023-03-15)

  • actionsheet: triggerItemClick is triggered when using template 3871d47
  • dateinputs: inline styles violate CSP 312053e
  • dateinputs: resize sensor not handled properly 5b7d9e9
  • dateinputs: wrong import path 06f4f17
  • datepicker: actionsheet closes when close event is prevented 4861245
  • datepicker: actionsheet does not open from bottom 03e8c8e
  • daterange: selection in adaptive to work on accept de1cc43
  • datetimepicker: adjust behavior and rendering b0e3dc6
  • docs: revert chart overview articles 9e7b16e
  • editor: error when clicking tools after first row e4ac226
  • editor: textarea in the view source dialog does not expand properly a95043b
  • gantt: missing space between the form fields in popup edit form cd57570
  • gantt: popup edit form inputs do not get focused when their label is clicked 15ff387
  • grid: a11y compliance d4a937c
  • imports 679002d
  • remove remove duplicate styles for actions c283fbc
  • upload: add type button to upload button 94f320c
  • actionsheet: add optional parameter to toggle method 424a977
  • chiplist: add keyboard navigation and navigable option f8332c2
  • datepicker: enable adaptive mode 28b5a46
  • daterange: enable adaptive mode 50266cd
  • datetimepicker: enable adaptive mode bceee87
  • grid: add header grouping KB navigation shortcut d9855b2
  • grid: add kb shortcut for reordering columns f2d049f
  • grid: introduce kendoGridToolbarFocusable directive 3b54fbf
  • listbox: a11y compliance 2600f3b
  • listbox: add keyboard navigation 6b29cf3
  • scrollview: a11y compliance 29c2eb0
  • timepicker: enable adaptive mode e4a2353
  • timepicker: handle resize sensor to close adaptive 23828fe
  • timepicker: open actionsheet on input click dc90a95

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.2.0
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.2.0
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.2.0

Current Dev
11 March 2023

11.4.0-develop.6 (2023-03-11)

  • grid: a11y compliance d4a937c
  • chiplist: add keyboard navigation and navigable option f8332c2
  • grid: add header grouping KB navigation shortcut d9855b2
  • grid: add kb shortcut for reordering columns f2d049f
  • grid: introduce kendoGridToolbarFocusable directive 3b54fbf

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.2.0
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.2.0
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.2.0

1 March 2023

11.3.0 (2023-03-01)

  • buttongroup: incorrect focus behavior in Safari
  • colorpalette: selected state is not persisted
  • colorpicker: cannot tab between rgb inputs when opacity is false
  • colorpicker: trap focus when gradient view is active
  • draganddrop: dropping throws error
  • drawer: should not render html element when no icon is provided
  • dropdownbutton: open and close events are fired with toggle method
  • dropdowns: improve a11y compliance
  • menu, contextmenu: improve a11y compliance
  • signature: error on maximize/minimize click
  • signature: export signature with same dimensions when using popup
  • signature: expression changed error when reading theme colors
  • signature: focus minimize button on dialog open
  • signature: move first tab stop to image
  • splitbutton: open and close events are fired with toggle method
  • splitter: wrong aria-orientation on splitbar element
  • conversational-ui: a11y compliance

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.0.2

15 February 2023

11.2.0 (2023-02-15)

  • actionsheet: update HeaderTemplate rendering 8be6383
  • buttongroup: kendo-button content is not detected 94aaea0
  • colorpicker: custom css properties are not set 3d3bd75
  • editor: adapt to ProseMirror transform breaking change 3ccec24
  • editor: error when setting the same value in form eb58ab1
  • editor: required form control not invalided when empty 25df567
  • filter: format is not applied for new FilterExpressions f067000
  • filter: throws error after updating value dynamically 99fdee3
  • grid, treelist, gantt: wrong k-table-alt-row class applied cbc6f56
  • grid: clicking a partially visible row in a navigable grid does not select it 3f94ff2
  • grid: ColumnListComponent is not exported from the package (#318) 3bf8308
  • icons: a11y compliance 9e7ee7d
  • notification: a11y compliance b1c1436
  • scheduler: mismatched day of the week in month view f41fd01
  • splitbutton, dropdownbutton: icons are rendered twice in popup 3a13b2c
  • splitbutton, dropdownbutton: svg icons not rendered in list items af9e312
  • toolbar: tools text not updated asynchronously 8d35e64
  • toolbar: tools text not updated dynamically ed08d9d
  • treelist: allow Enter to focus cell children in expandable columns 7d85721
  • actionsheet: add animation support 1a1c57b
  • actionsheet: introduce ActionSheetTemplate 0b5d465
  • actionsheet: introduce cssClass option a7d51d2
  • bottomnavigation: a11y compliance dbff994
  • breadcrumb: a11y compliance c729838
  • gantt: add tooltipAriaLabel option, improved a11y compliance bdfd9ca
  • sortable: a11y compliance 00f4380
  • upload: a11y compliance 1c0cba7

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.0.2

1 February 2023

11.1.0 (2023-02-01)

  • button cannot be focused with tab when created using kendo-button
  • dialog: focus not trapped when splitbutton is last focusable element
  • drawer: cannot focus drawer initially using tab
  • editor: backspace not working when there is no initial value
  • editor: forecolor and backcolor clear button does not work
  • editor @progress/kendo-angular-label package is listed as a peer dependency
  • grid: incorrect colspan when nested group header has multiple children
  • icons: theme color not applied to icons in icon buttons
  • label: associating with Upload or FileSelect causes an error
  • progressbar: wrong reverse chunk progressbar direction
  • scheduler: enums not exported in web module
  • tabstrip: aria-controls attribute is incorrectly set on all tabs
  • toolbar: overflow popup closes when exceeding the page height
  • upload, fileselect: templates are rendered twice
  • upload, fileselect: using the upload or fileselect in a formfield triggers an error
  • popover: a11y compliance
  • toolbar: add svg icons support for dropdown and splitbutton tools

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.0.2
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.0.2

18 January 2023

Bug Fixes

  • angular peers version 22905f1
  • apply strict CSP style-src support 3148345
  • update kendo-drawing dependency d1dfb13
  • buttons: server-side rendering error when using an icon 43b0c9f
  • calendar: unify rendering bdadc3f
  • charts: use the 'primary' theme variable instead of the deprecated 'accent' 4656d52
  • chip: styling classes are not updated when values are changed dynamically 08adb46
  • colorpicker: display preview if svgicon is not set b0f5a95
  • common: remove @angular/forms dependency 678b7a6
  • dialog: server-side rendering error 34b38c3
  • dropdowns: append to component breaks popup behavior 6002fa8
  • dropdowns: server-side rendering error 240b5e3
  • dropdowntrees: filter input loses focus while typing cee9dd0
  • editor: unify rendering a2609e5
  • floating-label: listens to wrong event onValueChange 2cd846f
  • gantt: add sizing and table classes d803857
  • grid: server-side rendering error dcf0890
  • grid: unify grouping panel rendering 0652b38
  • icons: server-side rendering errors 308f318
  • inputs: gradient handle rendered outside FlatColorPicker with activeView=palette and columns > 10 b18b674
  • inputs: server-side rendering errors f71c2c9
  • intl: locale exports a765ae9
  • label: server-side rendering error in floating label 9de4744
  • layout: broken card action buttons b84134d
  • layout: error during server-side rendering 1b47344
  • listbox: unify rendering 4896991
  • listview: unify rendering 785baf9
  • multiselecttree: the value is not changed on Enter b1a149e
  • ng-add: error on ng-add with Yarn f9975b7
  • ng-add: install kendo-themes v6 8852e6f
  • ng-add: pin peer dependency versions 6bc9159
  • notification: unify rendering 234100d
  • pivotgrid: remove kendo-draggable peer dependency c68dee1
  • progressbar: server-side error in circular progress bar 0f7aa4c
  • progressbar: unify rendering 21d6e13
  • scheduler: rendering misalignment in multi-week view with resources ba4f919
  • scheduler: server-side rendering errors 5886320
  • tooltip: server-side rendering errors c95b975
  • treelist: add default sizing classes cb5424f
  • treelist: add k-grid-md class 478221c
  • treelist: server-side rendering error aa0cb4f
  • treelist: server-side rendering error d1de5ac
  • treeview: filtering not hiding items 5dda767
  • upload: unify rendering 59c87bb


  • add SVG icons support bd781e0
  • buttons: add selector 6808d32
  • buttons: add SVG icon support for Button c38dfe9
  • buttons: add SVG Icon support for Chip f6c4fc1
  • buttons: add SVG icon support for FloatingActionButton fc2b6ac
  • dropdowntree, multiselecttree: printable charachters abfb5ac
  • grid: introduce size option 6da0fe3
  • icons: introduce icon service and injection token 04f068e
  • inputs: add SVG icon support 0fcc44b
  • layout: add SVG icon support d98f92d
  • menu: add SVG icons support 75487ae
  • menu: make item icon configurable f4470ba
  • navigation: add SVG icons support 91856fa
  • notification: add SVG icons support b0b9b37
  • pager: add size option 6198d8c
  • pager: add SVG icons support 6cf902a
  • pivotgrid: add SVG icons support aa3e38f
  • scheduler: add multi-week view 40d98d2
  • scheduler: add support for SVG icons 1e2db3b
  • scheduler: add SVG icons support e54b541
  • scrollview: add SVG icons support 8db052d
  • support of SVG icons for Chat, Filter, Dialogs 1ce4fa2
  • synchronize package versions 265a6f3
  • toolbar: add size option 9c27efe
  • toolbar: add SVG icons support (#178) 248ac5a
  • tooltip: add SVG icons support 179deab
  • treelist: add support for SVG icons b4cad4e
  • treeview: add SVG icons support 40c6ba4
  • upload: add SVG icons support (#166) 147152b


  • Sync package versions starting from v11.0.0
  • button: the button is now a Component and not a Directive; it can no longer be extended by a Directive.
  • editor: @progress/kendo-angular-icons package is a new peer dependency.
  • navigation: @progress/kendo-angular-icons package is a new peer dependency
  • gantt: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • pivotgrid: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • toolbar: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • layout: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • layout: Change closeIcon input for Kendo icons only and introduce closeIconClass for defining custom css icons and classes.
  • layout: @progress/kendo-angular-buttons added as a peer dependency
  • upload: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • inputs: @progress/kendo-angular-icons added as a peer dependency
  • grid: The grouping panel now uses the ChipList and Chip components instead of the custom GroupIndicator component.
  • calendar: The "Today" navigation element is now a flat button and has the k-today class removed.
  • dateinputs: @progress/kendo-angular-buttons added as a peer dependency

Supported Themes

  • @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap: ^6.0.3
  • @progress/kendo-theme-default: ^6.0.3
  • @progress/kendo-theme-fluent: ^6.0.3
  • @progress/kendo-theme-material: ^6.0.3

21 October 2022

Placeholder tag to set the starting version number for all packages.