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Kendo UI for Angular


Coming in 2022 & 2023

The Kendo UI for Angular Team is excited to announce the roadmap for what we plan to deliver over the next few releases. 

Your feedback is a huge factor in these plans. After all, our mission is to make your life easier. We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the Angular component library in our dedicated feedback portal.  

The items below are what we feel comfortable announcing, but there is more on our radar. Check back periodically for updates.

Kendo UI for Angular

New Kendo UI for Angular Fluent Theme

New feature R3 2022

The Kendo UI for Angular UI components will receive a new theme: the Fluent Theme. This brand new theme will be based on the web user experience guidelines from the Microsoft Fluent Design System, allowing Angular developers to style their entire application to fit any Fluent design requirements.

As with the Kendo UI Default, Bootstrap, and Material themes, this new Fluent theme can be enabled through a quick and simple installation through npm, or as a single reference to a CSS file.

Angular PivotGrid v1

Improvement R3 2022

Building upon the initial beta release of the Kendo UI for Angular PivotGrid component, the Kendo UI for Angular team will be busy adding features and functionality to release the Angular PivotGrid component in its v1 (RTM) form. Some of the features that will be addressed includes, but are not limited to:

  • Adding the configurator UI
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Localization
  • Accessibility

Angular CircularProgressBar Component

New component R3 2022

The new Angular CircularProgressBar component gives users an alternate way of displaying progress by providing a circle to display how far along a process has gone. This element is also aided by an optional center text which can display the current value, or be customized through a template to display additional information related to the current process.

Angular Compact Grid Component

Improvement R3 2022

The new Compact Grid feature of the Kendo UI for Angular Grid removes all extra white space, margins, and paddings from the elements that builds up the data grid component. This gives as much screen real-estate as possible to the actual data bound within the Angular Grid and is perfect for scenarios when user requirements call for displaying as much data as possible on a single screen. This feature can also be known as a High Density Grid.

Grid Improvements

Improvement Customer Feedback

We recognize that the Data Grid is among the most widely used components in the Angular component library. For that reason, we constantly monitor feedback, support, standards, and UX trends to ensure the Data Grid remains the best in class. Here is what we are working on:

  • Reorder rows with drag and drop
  • Improved clipboard support including copy/paste to and from Excel and support for keyboard shortcuts
  • Allowing users to copy to clipboard with or without headers
  • Printing the data view 

Drag and Drop Component

New component Customer Feedback
Drag and drop is supported across the Kendo UI for Angular library where it makes sense, but many developers are asking for a stand alone component. With this new component, you will be able to give users the ability to drag any html element and drop it in a target area. 

PDF Viewer Component

New component Customer Feedback
Render PDFs directly in your apps without dependency on third-party libraries. With a toolbar providing paging, zoom, download, search and more, your users will have all the features they are accustomed to.

Theme Improvements


As UI design requirements become more complex, our users need more customizability in our themes on the component level. Throughout 2022, we will be introducing enhancements to the way individual components work with themes to make it easier to use your own design system. These will be a set of common options that will help define the colors, size and shape of individual components.

Accessibility Improvements


The Kendo UI for Angular library is undergoing an accessibility review using the industry standard axe testing process, as well as other industry best-practices. Throughout this we will be discovering items we can improve and will be acting upon them throughout the year.

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