Kendo UI for Angular


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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Window is a non-modal HTML window that can be moved and resized. It contains controls similar to desktop windows with minimizing, maximizing and closing actions, and lets developers fully control the content of each window.

    See Angular Window Overview demo.

  • Title

    Every Kendo UI for Angular Window component has a stylized area at the top, which provides a unique space for defining a title to give users more context around the content of the Angular Window component.

    See Angular Window Title demo.

  • Action Buttons

    The built-in Action Buttons of the Kendo UI for Angular Window are the minimize, maximize, restore, and close actions. Beyond these, developers can provide custom actions and add them to the Angular Window title area to provide additional actions for users.

    See Angular Window Action Buttons demo.

  • Dimensions

    The Kendo UI for Angular Window provides configuration options for controlling the width and height of the Angular Window. When these options haven’t been set, the Angular Window has internal logic to help calculate the height and width based on the contained content.

    See Angular Window Dimensions demo.

  • Resizing

    With a single configuration option, the Kendo UI for Angular Window will change from a static set of dimensions to allow users to resize both the height and width using the corner or sides on the component, letting the Angular Window operate very similar to desktop windows.

    See Angular Window Resizing demo.

  • Minimizing and Maximizing

    Each Kendo UI for Angular Window has built-in action items for minimizing, maximizing and closing the window.

    See Angular Window Minimizing and Maximizing demo.

  • Positioning and Dragging

    The Kendo UI for Angular Window contains several configuration options for where to display the Angular Window initially on the page and supports resizing dimensions and dragging the Angular Window around to change its position.

    See Angular Window Positioning and Dragging demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    The Kendo UI for Angular Window component provides built-in keyboard navigation, letting users interact with the various elements of the Angular Window using just a keyboard.

    See Angular Window Keyboard Navigation demo.

  • Accessibility

    The Kendo UI for Angular Window is AAA rated for WCAG 2.0, and compliant with both WAI-ARIA and Section 508 standards.

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