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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Time Picker component represents a list of available time slots. With a large array of configuration options, the TimePicker is a versatile component for allowing users to select any time of the day.

    See Angular TimePicker Overview demo.

  • Time Ranges

    By setting the minimum and maximum configuration options of the Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker, you can limit the time slots available to users.

    See Angular TimePicker Time Ranges demo.

  • Formats

    The Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker has a format property to set the time format of the component. It can use any standard time format string for custom formats and help you easily switch between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.

    See Angular TimePicker Formats demo.

  • Placeholders

    With the placeholder feature of the component, you can provide a custom string in the TimePicker to give users a contextual cue about what information they are expected to enter into the component input field.

    See Angular TimePicker Placeholders demo.

  • Disabled TimePicker

    You can disable the Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker in order to prevent user interactions until certain requirements have been met. With the enabled property set to either true or false, the Angular TimePicker can toggle between enabled and disabled states.

    See Angular TimePicker Disabled TimePicker demo.

  • Read-Only TimePicker

    The read-only mode allows you to display the Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker, while preventing users from modifying its current value.

    See Angular TimePicker Read-Only TimePicker demo.

  • Forms Support

    The Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker supports both template-driven forms and Reactive forms.

    See Angular TimePicker Forms Support demo.

  • Globalization

    With support for various time formats, as well as the ability to translate built-in strings, the Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker is perfectly equipped for any globalization and internationalization scenarios.

    Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker Globalization demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Thanks to keyboard navigation, users can navigate through and interact with the Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker using their keyboard. This includes manually typing in a time slot as well as accessing the popup that shows all available time slots.

    See Angular TimePicker Keyboard Navigation demo.

  • Accessibility

    The Kendo UI for Angular TimePicker supports Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards, and has an AAA rating with WCAG 2.0.

    See Angular TimePicker Accessibility demo.

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