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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Multi View Calendar component provides a single Angular component that displays multiple calendars side by side, which enables users to select dates spanning across several months.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Overview demo.

  • Focused Dates

    The Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar always highlights the current date in the calendar by default. The focused date has a unique visual style that makes it stand out from the rest. Changing the default focused date can be done through the available configuration options.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Focused Dates demo.

  • Disabled Dates

    You can define the dates and date ranges users can actively select from the Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar. The component allows you to disable based on properties of the dates like disabling days on the weekends.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Disabled Dates demo.

  • Multiple Views

    By default, the Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar renders as two regular side-by-side calendars. If more calendars are needed, the multiple views feature of the Angular MultiViewCalendar allows you to load as many calendars as you need next to each other.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Multiple Views demo.

  • Templates

    The Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar can leverage standard Angular templates to customize the look and feel of many parts of the calendars, enabling you to fully control their design.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Templates demo.

  • Week Number Column

    Next to the days of the month, calendars often display the number of the week to indicate in what week of the year the selected days fall. With a single configuration option, the Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar component will show or hide a separate column responsible for displaying the week number within each of the calendars.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Week Number Column demo.

  • View Selection

    The view selection feature of the Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar allows the calendars to render one of the following initial views: the decades of the century, the years of the decade, the months of the year or the days of the month. Users can further navigate through these views and their depth to select the dates they need.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar View Selection demo.

  • Disabled MultiViewCalendar

    Some requirements may call for the Kendo UI Angular MultiViewCalendar to prevent users from interacting with the component until certain requirements have been met. With a single configuration option, you can disable the Angular MultiViewCalendar.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Disabled demo.

  • Globalization

    The Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar component supports localization and globalization out of the box thanks to its ability to customize any built-in strings to fit any language.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Globalization demo.

  • Keyboard Navigation

    The Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar has built-in keyboard shortcuts to help users navigate through the component and select a range of dates using their keyboard.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Keyboard Navigation demo.

  • Accessibility

    Kendo UI for Angular MultiViewCalendar is built to be compliant with Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards and is AAA rated with WCAG 2.0.

    See Angular MultiViewCalendar Accessibility demo.

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