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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Radial Gauge is a visualization tool that enables you to display values on a circular arc. A centralized pointer will indicate the current value, just like a traditional speedometer in a car. The gauge can animate the pointer to various values, provides support for multiple pointers and allows you to customize the colors, scale ranges, number of pointers and more elements through the configuration options.

    See Angular RadialGauge Overview demo.

  • Scale Options

    The Kendo UI for Angular RadialGauge offers customization opportunities for the built-in pointers, the look and feel of labels, the color of ticks and the start and end angles of the gauge.

    See Angular RadialGauge Scale Options demo.

  • Scale Ranges

    For scenarios that require different colors for different values, the Kendo UI for Angular RadialGauge offers Scale Ranges to define different colors for specific value ranges.

    See Angular RadialGauge Scale Ranges demo.

  • Multiple Pointers

    Leverage the rich Kendo UI for Angular RadialGauge pointers collection to showcase multiple pointers within a single gauge. Pointers can be assigned to individual values and colors to help distinguish between various pieces of data.

    See Angular RadialGauge Multiple Pointers demo.

  • Export Options

    Thanks to the built-in integration with the Kendo UI for Angular Drawing library, you can export the Kendo UI for Angular RadialGauge as a PDF file, an SVG file or as an image.

    See Angular RadialGauge Export Options demo.

  • Globalization

    The Kendo UI for Angular RadialGauge supports right-to-left rendering as well as language customization of any labels.

    See Angular RadialGauge Globalization demo.

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