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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Notification component (also known as Angular toast) displays a brief message to inform users about the status of a particular process, such as a successful update of data or an error message. The Angular Notification comes with logic for handling multiple notifications at once, controlling the position of the notification container, and with several predefined styles for common notification scenarios.

    See Angular Notification Overview demo.

  • Types

    Depending on the result of a particular process, notifications can be styled differently to better convey their message. The Kendo UI for Angular Notification component provides several colors and styles for the most common scenarios like success, info, error, warning, and more.

    See Angular Notification Types demos.

  • Animations

    The Kendo UI for Angular Notification component comes with built-in animations for opening and closing actions, which can be customized and tweaked to fit application requirements—or even disabled completely.

    See Angular Notification Animations demo.

  • Positioning

    The position of the Kendo UI for Angular Notification is by default automatically handled by the component, but you can configure the notification to align to the browser's viewport or position the component to a specific container.

    See Angular Notification Positioning demo.

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