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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Angular Charts represent a powerful and versatile data visualization library. With one single Angular component, you get access to more than 16 different chart types, each offering a variety of flexible features like tooltips, zooming and panning, built-in support for interactivity and much more. You can render the charts as an SVG or a Canvas element and export them to supported formats like an image or a PDF file. The Angular Charts library is built from the ground up and in-house.

    See the Angular Charts Overview demo.

  • Binding to Different Data Types

    You can easily and flexibly bind the Kendo UI for Angular Chart components to various forms of data. This includes binding to simple arrays with X and Y values and into more advanced data types and objects with fields. Data binding comes with several helpful configuration options for binding to dates.

    See Angular Charts Data Binding demo.

  • Extensive List of Chart Types

    The Kendo UI for Angular Chart components offer a rich variety of charts and series types. You can use each series type independently or add multiple different series to a single chart, rendered together.

    Available Angular Chart Types:

    • Area Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Box Plot Chart
    • Bubble Chart
    • Bullet Chart
    • Donut Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Polar Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Range Area Chart
    • Range Bar Chart
    • Scatter Chart
    • Stock Chart
    • Waterfall Chart
    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Multiple Types
  • Chart Elements

    The modular structure of the Kendo UI for Angular Charts allows you to easily isolate single parts of the Angular Chart component and customize them to fit your requirements. The component is broken down to various building blocks, including the axes, the chart area, labels, legends, plot bands and tile, just to name a few.

    See Angular Charts Chart Element demos.

  • Crosshairs

    When chart labels are hidden, it can be difficult to see a data point’s specific X and Y value. With the built-in Crosshairs feature of the Kendo UI for Angular Charts component, you enable a crossing line moving perpendicularly to either axis that allows users to see the exact value at their current cursor position.

    See Angular Chart Crosshairs demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Crosshairs
  • Error Bars

    Display margins of error to indicate data points variability with Error Bars. In Kendo UI for Angular Charts, you can define the high and low fields associated with every value, allowing for an indicator to show where within a range of possible values the rendered data point falls.

    See Angular Chart Error Bars demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Error Bars
  • Labels

    Labels can be found everywhere in the Kendo UI for Angular Charts, including text displayed next to points with a series, text found along the axes of the Angular Chart, and in many more areas. You can customize labels by using the available properties and apply the changes to a single label or across multiple labels of the same type.

    See Angular Chart Labels demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Labels
  • Legend

    The Legend area of the Kendo UI for Angular Charts can be autogenerated based on the series bound to the Chart, giving a simple representation of what series and data is tied to what color and type. Additionally, the Chart Legend has interactivity built in, offering features like clicking on a series name to show or hide the series in the chart.

    See Angular Chart Legend demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Legend
  • Plot Bands

    Plot Bands allow you to highlight a specific range on a series axis, both X and Y. In this way you can showcase a range of good or bad numbers or draw attention to a certain area of the Angular Chart. You can define an unlimited number of plot bands in a single Angular Chart.

    See Angular Chart Plot Bands demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Plot Bands
  • Selection

    The Kendo UI for Angular Charts allow users to select a single, or a range of, data point(s) inside the chart. You can select data items with a single click through either dragging the mouse over a large area of the chart or working with a selection overlay that includes drag handles to help modify the range of selection.

    See Angular Chart Selection demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Selection
  • Tooltips

    Use Tooltips to interactively provide users with additional information about specific values or fields not necessarily displayed within the Angular Chart. The Kendo UI for Angular Charts have built-in support for tooltips that can be displayed by hovering over a particular chart element. You can also display tooltips with a set of crosshairs that move along with the mouse to indicate the current X and Y value of the mouse pointer location.

    See Angular Chart Tooltips demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Tooltips
  • Multiple Axes and Chart Series on the Same Plot

    A basic chart uses a single series and its X and Y axis generally start at 0,0. You can effortlessly accommodate scenarios that require multiple series in the same chart, including multiple axes showing different values and scales. With Kendo UI for Angular Charts, adding multiple series or multiple axes is just as easy as defining a single series.

    See Angular Chart Getting started demos.

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Multiple Axes and Chart Series
  • Panning and Zooming

    Support users with extra navigation tools when datasets are too large to fit within one chart area due to screen real estate or chart element size. The Angular Charts built-in panning allows users to scroll horizontally over an axis, moving left and right, to navigate through large sets of data with ease. Zooming allows users to use the scroll wheel of a mouse or drag the mouse across an area to zoom in on a selected area.

    See Angular Charts Panning and Zooming demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Panning and Zooming
  • Chart Animations

    Enhance data visualizations with chart animations. Animate a series as it renders or animate real-time value changes to create an engaging user experience. The Kendo UI for Angular Charts come with built-in animations that are enabled by default and can be turned off if required.

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts - Animations
  • Canvas and SVG Rendering

    Kendo UI for Angular Charts have support for both SVG and Canvas, allowing you to control which HTML element to use with a single configuration option.

    See Angular Chart Canvas and SVG Rendering demos.

  • Responsive Design Support

    Display your charts on any desktop or mobile browser. The responsive design of Kendo UI for Angular Charts flexibly adapts to changes in the available viewport as users change the size of their browser. It automatically handles resizing like rotating labels on the axes, as well as fitting and wrapping content inside the chart area - all without the need to do calculations or update the rendering on your own.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Responsive Design Support
  • Export Options

    Export Kendo UI for Angular Charts as a PDF file, an SVG element and various image formats. The integration with Kendo UI for Angular Drawing package allows you to export the entire Angular Chart with a single method to let users save the chart locally.

    See Angular Chart Export Options demo.

    Kendo UI for Angular Chart - Export Options
  • Templates

    You can customize every aspect of the Kendo UI for Angular Charts with Angular a mix of Angular templates, content call backs, and even custom visual functions.

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