The Chart panes enable you to create vertical sub-divisions in a single categorical Chart.

You have to set an individual value axis to each pane. Multiple panes can share a category axis.

Only the Categorical Chart series support the configuration of panes.

Panes are declared through the kendo-chart-pane configuration components and placed in a kendo-chart-panes collection. To control the series placement, plot the series on a value axis, which is placed in the desired pane.

    selector: 'my-app',
    template: `
              <kendo-chart-pane name="top">
                <!--            ^^^^^^^^^^
                    Unique ID for the pane.
              <kendo-chart-pane name="bottom" [height]="100">
                <!--                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                    Note that the binding is required,
                    otherwise the property will be
                    bound to a '100' string.

              <kendo-chart-value-axis-item name="top">
                <!--                       ^^^^^^^^^^
                    Unique ID for the axis.
                    No need to set a pane as it will use the first,
                    'top' pane by default.
              <kendo-chart-value-axis-item name="bottom"
                <!--                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                    Move the axis to the bottom pane.
            <kendo-chart-series-item [data]="seriesData[0]">
                <!-- Will use the first, 'top' value axis by default. -->
            <kendo-chart-series-item type="line" [data]="seriesData[1]" axis="bottom">
                <!-- Plot this series to the 'bottom' axis.              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -->
class AppComponent {
    public seriesData: number[][] = [[1, 2, 3, 5], [0, 1, 0, 1]];

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