Focused and Selected Dates

The MultiViewCalendar enables you to handle the configuration of its focused and selected dates, and control the partial date selection.

Focused Dates

The MultiViewCalendar always displays a focused date and, by default, the focused date is today's date. To change the focused date, use the focusedDate property by setting it to a specific Date value. The Date value has to be a valid JavaScript Date object.

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Selected Dates

By default, the selected date is not set and the MultiViewCalendar displays only the focused date. To define the selected date, use the value property.

selector: 'my-app',
template: `
<kendo-multiviewcalendar [value]="value"></kendo-multiviewcalendar>
export class AppComponent {
    public value: Date = new Date(2010, 10, 10);

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