The TreeList enables you to split its content into pages.

Getting Started

To enable paging:

  1. Set the pageable attribute to true.
  2. Set the desired pageSize value.
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Pager Types

The pager types of the Kendo UI TreeList for Angular are:

  • NumericRenders buttons with numbers.
  • InputRenders an input filed for typing the page number.

To set the pager types, pass the PagerSettings object to the pageable option of the TreeList.

The PagerSettings object has the following fields:

  • buttonCountSets the maximum numeric buttons count before the buttons are collapsed.
  • infoToggles the information about the current page and the total number of records.
  • pageSizesShows a menu for selecting the page size.
  • previousNextToggles the Previous and Next buttons.
  • typeAccepts the numeric (buttons with numbers) and input (input for typing the page number) values.

Pager Template

To further customize the pager appearance, use PagerTemplateDirective. The option enables you to take full control over the content of the pager item by mixing custom components and the built-in pager elements. For more information on how to define the pager template, refer to the PagerTemplateDirective API documentation.

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