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Angular Spreadsheet Context Menu

The Spreadsheet context menu provides extensive capabilities identical to what Microsoft Excel has to offer. For example, you can copy and paste content from the clipboard directly into cells, or you can fine-tune the visibility of rows and columns.

The available options in the context menu vary depending on your current selection.

The following example demonstrates the Spreadsheet context menu in action. Right-click a cell, a column header, or row header to see the available options.

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Context Menu Items in Cell

The following table lists the context menu items that are available, regardless of your current cell, row, or column selection.

CopyCopies the selected cells or content to the clipboard.
CutCuts the selected cells or content to the clipboard.
PastePastes the clipboard contents into the selected cells.
Merge allMerges the selected cells into a single cell.
Merge verticallyMerges the selected cells vertically.
Merge horizontallyMerges the selected cells horizontally.
Insert linkInserts a hyperlink into selected cells.

Context Menu Items in Row Header and Column Header

The following Spreadsheet context menu items are available for entire rows and columns (in addition to the context menu items for the cells). To view the row- and column-specific items, right-click the respective row or column header.

Add column leftAdds a column to the left of the selected columns.
Add column rightAdds a column to the right of the selected columns.
Delete columnDeletes the selected columns.
Hide columnHides the selected columns from view.
Unhide columnShows the previously hidden column.
Row-only optionDescription
Add row aboveAdds a row above the selected rows.
Add row belowAdds a row below the selected rows.
Delete rowDeletes the selected rows.
Hide rowHides the selected rows from view.
Unhide rowShows the previously hidden rows.