Kendo UI for Vue

Vue Input

  • Enables you to style and implement floating labels in input elements.
  • Part of Kendo UI for Vue library together with other best-in-class native components for building fast and beautiful apps.
  • Comes with outstanding technical support, detailed documentation and demos.
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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Vue Input upgrades the traditional HTML input in two main directions.

    • Gives the developer the freedom to style the Input’s appearance with minimum efforts
    • Has the built-in option of the floating labels popularized with the Material Design
    Kendo UI for Vue Input – Basic Usage Demo 
    Input - Overview
  • Floating Labels

    The Floating label functionality moves the initial text inside the component above the component itself. This happens once the user focuses the input. This feature is available for each of the themes(Default, Bootstrap, and Material) provided by the Kendo UI for Vue suite.
    Kendo UI for Vue Input – Floating Label Demo

    Input – Floating Labels
  • Forms Support

    With its built-in functionalities, the Input can validate its values and prevent the submission of a form that is in an invalid state. The component has integrated requirement properties like min-length, max-length, required and allows the developer to define custom validation messages, depending on each use-case scenario.

    Input – Forms Support

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