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Kendo UI for Vue


What's Coming in 2021/2022

The Kendo UI for Vue Team is excited to announce the roadmap for what we plan to deliver over the next few releases. 

Your feedback is a huge factor in these plans. After all, our mission is to make your life easier. We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the Angular component library in our dedicated feedback portal.  

The items below are what we feel comfortable announcing, but there is more on our radar. Check back periodically for updates.

Kendo UI for Vue

Native Vue Stepper Component

New component
The Stepper component visualizes a set of logical steps in sequential order. These are often seen in shopping carts and complex account creation scenarios, but you can use it for anything you like. The Stepper is super customizable and will enforce your business rules by preventing navigation until requirements are met. 

Native Vue Filter Component

New component Customer Feedback
The Vue Filter component gives your uses a point-and-click interface to build data queries for any data model. It can be used to build any filter ranging from the most simple to complex expressions. This component will integrate seamlessly with other Kendo UI for Vue components but can also be used to filter any data bound application element. 

Native Vue TextArea Component

New component
Perfect for rapid form development, the Vue TextArea component provides a field that accepts multiple lines of text. This component will automatically apply your theme, so fitting it into your design is no worry. 

Native Vue Drawer Component

New component
The Drawer component gives you a convenient way to add a menu that can slide from the edfe of the screen. This UI element is popular on mobile devices and is often shown or hidden with a hamburger menu. You can show it permanently, hide/show it programmatically, style it however you want, and present it however you like.

Native Vue Loader Component

New feature
The Vue Loader gives you an easy and modern-looking way to show your users that a process is happening. Many built-in animations and configuration options make the component easy to integrate into your UI. 

Native Vue Drag and Drop Component

New component
Drag and drop is supported across the Kendo UI for Vue library where it makes sense, but many developers are asking for a stand alone component. With this new component, you will be able to give users the ability to drag any html element and drop it in a target area. 

Native Vue Components

New component
In addition to a large set of native Vue components, the Kendo UI for Vue library currently includes wrappers. These wrappers help you integrate existing Kendo UI components into your applications. We are working to rebuild each of these from the ground up and will deliver them with each release until we reach the goal of having the most complete set of native Vue components available. We are rebuilding the following list of components and will make them available in native Vue form: 
  • Gauge
  • Editor
  • Menu
  • Toolbar
  • DateRangePicker
  • Switch
  • TreeList
  • TreeView
  • PanelBar
  • Splitter
  • Scheduler

Theme Size Options

New feature
Performance matters. We know you are always looking for ways to shave loading times particularly when you need to display large amounts of data or other complex elements that contribute to large payloads. That's why we are implementing theme sizing options. You will be able to choose from a full theme, a compact theme with just the essentials or a medium theme that falls somewhere in between.

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