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Kendo UI for Vue


Coming in 2022 & 2023

The Kendo UI for Vue Team is excited to announce the roadmap for what we plan to deliver over the next few releases. 

Your feedback is a huge factor in these plans. After all, our mission is to make your life easier. We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the Vue component library in our dedicated feedback portal.  

The items below are what we feel comfortable announcing, but there is more on our radar. Check back periodically for updates.

Kendo UI for Vue

Fluent Theme

New feature

The Fluent Theme is very popular in the Microsoft world and we are working perfecting our JavaScript version of it. Just one more step towards helping you become a UI hero!

Native Vue Components to Replace Wrappers

New component

In addition to a large set of native Vue components, the Kendo UI for Vue library currently includes wrappers. These wrappers help you integrate existing Kendo UI components into your applications. We are working to rebuild each of these from the ground up and will deliver them with each release until we reach the goal of having the most complete set of native Vue components available. We are rebuilding the following list of components and will make them available in native Vue form: 

  • TreeList
  • ColorPicker
  • FlatColorPicker
  • ColorPalette
  • ColorGradient
  • ListBox
  • ProgressBar


Vue Compact Grid

Improvement R3 2022

The Kendo Ui for Vue Grid component will receive a new Compact Grid or High Density Grid option. When enabled, the available whitespace within the Vue Data Table will be reduced allowing for more data to be displayed within the same dimensions. This is achieved by reducing the margins and paddings of the UI elements that build up the Vue Data Grid.

This new compact Grid feature will be offered with all the available Kendo UI for Vue themes including the Default, Bootstrap, Material themes, as well as the upcoming Fluent theme.

Vue Visual Studio Code Productivity Tools

New feature

The new Kendo UI for Vue Productivity Tools for Visual Studio Code is a VS Code extension aimed at boosting productivity when developing with our Vue UI components. With features like code snippets and scaffolding, the goal of the Kendo UI Productivity Tools is to be the ultimate companion for developers when building user experiences with Kendo UI for Vue.

Accessibility Improvements


The Kendo UI for Vue team constantly strives to provide the deepest compliance to accessibility standards as possible. Following that mission, we plan various improvements over the next few releases:

  • Ocean Blue default theme color swatch. This new swatch is not only beautiful, but provides the best possible color contrasts.
  • Compliance with WCAG 2.1.
  • Deep review an update compliance with a11y specifications for various components.
  • More detailed accessibility docs and demos.

Theme Improvements


As UI design requirements become more complex, our users need more customizability in our themes on the component level. Throughout 2022, we will be introducing enhancements to the way individual components work with themes to make it easier to use your own design system. These will be a set of common options that will help define the colors, size and shape of individual components.

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