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Kendo UI for Vue


Coming in 2023

The Kendo UI for Vue Team is excited to announce the roadmap for new components and features on our list for release. Many of these items will be released this summer as part of R2 and others will come shortly after. 

To keep the flow of updates dynamic, we release interim updates that lead up to each major release. Here is what we plan for this year:

  • March - R2 2023 Iteration 1 
  • April - R2 2023 Iteration 2
  • June - R2 2023 (final)
  • July - R3 2023 Iteration 1
  • August - R3 2023 Iteration 2 
  • October - R3 2023 (final) 

Your feedback is a huge factor in these plans. After all, our mission is to make your life easier. We encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts, plans, and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the Vue component library in our dedicated feedback portal.  

The items below are what we feel comfortable announcing, but there is more on our radar. Check back periodically for updates.

Kendo UI for Vue

MultiSelectTree Component

New component
The Vue MultiSelectTree component provides the best of two worlds as it combines the capabilities of a drop-down list and tree view components. Using the MultiSelect Tree users can easily choose single or multiple predefined values from a hierarchical list.

GridLayout and StackLayout Components

New component

GridLayout and StackLayout are two new UI components for Vue that will help you arrange HTML elements in a grid or a horizontal/vertical stack.

These components simplify the creation of layouts in web applications and help developers migrate from desktop to the web since they mimic the GridPanel and StackPanel components used in Windows development.

Chart Enhancements


Based on your requests in the product feedback portal we plan to ship the following new features and improvements in the Kendo UI for Vue chart components:

  • Drill-down option for data series
  • Improved animations
  • Control of chart legend display
  • and more!

Trendline Chart Component

New component
In 2023 we plan to expand the existing charts collection in Kendo UI for Vue and add a Trendline chart. You will be able to easily illustrate trends in data series and provide charting predictions capabilities to your web applications.

Data Grid Enhancements


In 2023 we plan to further expand the UI for Vue Data Grid component with new features:

  • Separate templates options for cells
  • Option to customize the Native Grid's grouping toolbar
  • Add the selectable property to the Native Grid
  • Native Grid pager refresh button
  • and more!

Native Vue Components to Replace Wrappers

New component

In addition to a large set of native Vue components, the Kendo UI for Vue library currently includes wrappers. These wrappers help you integrate existing Kendo UI components into your applications. We are working to rebuild each of these from the ground up and will deliver them with each release until we reach the goal of having the most complete set of native Vue components available. 


    Date Editing UX Improvements

    In 2023, we plan to improve the UX related to navigation, editing, and validation in the Kendo UI for Vue DateInput and Date & Time picker components.

    Accessibility Improvements

    In our upcoming 2023 releases, we will continue with our efforts to improve the overall accessibility of Kendo UI for Vue components, ensuring the highest level of compliance with WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and the new WCAG 2.2 standards.

    Vue Visual Studio Code Productivity Tools

    New feature

    The new Kendo UI for Vue Productivity Tools for Visual Studio Code is a VS Code extension aimed at boosting productivity when developing with our Vue UI components. With features like code snippets and scaffolding, the goal of the Kendo UI Productivity Tools is to be the ultimate companion for developers when building user experiences with Kendo UI for Vue.

    Content Security Policy (CSP) compliance


    Pursuing the goal to be CSP compatible and ultimately ensure strict CSP compliance for Kendo UI for Vue, we are planning to implement the following incremental changes in 2023:

    • With R2 2023, we plan to replace all font icons internally used with SVG icons in order to address the font-src directive;
    • Further in 2023, we plan to detach font-related CSS from Kendo themes in order to remove the need for the font-src directive.

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