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Vue Checkbox

  • Add a checkbox that automatically conforms to your applications' look and feel for hassle-free Angular forms creation.
  • Part of Kendo UI for Vue library together with other best-in-class native components for building fast and beautiful apps.
  • Comes with outstanding technical support, detailed documentation and demos.
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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Vue Checkbox provides a HTML input for toggling checked, unchecked and indeterminate states. It also takes it a step further by providing styling that fits the application theme and offering variously customization options.

    See the Vue Checkbox Overview Demo

  • Disabled Checkbox

    The Vue Checkbox provides a clear visual indication when the component is disabled.

    See the Vue Disabled Checkbox demo

    Disabeld Vue Checkbox Component
  • Controlled and Uncontrolled States

    The Vue Checkbox provides options for controlling its state by loading it checked or unchecked. You can also use an uncontrolled state in which its initial value is not determined.

    See the Vue Checkbox Controlled Mode demo

  • Labels

    The Vue Checkbox can be associated with a HTML label element just like a regular input element, ensuring that the component can follow best practices for adding input elements to your Vue application.

    See the Vue Checkbox Labels demo

  • Forms Support

    Integrate the Vue Checkbox with the Kendo UI for Vue forms component or any other HTML5 form. This enables you enforce validation rules.

    See the Vue Checkbox Forms Support demo

    Forms Support - Vue Checkbox
  • Keyboard Navigation

    As part of our commitment to accessibility, the Vue Checkbox supports keyboard navigation. Users have the option to navigate and interact with tabs using keyboard operations.

    See the Vue Checkbox Keyboard Navigation demo

  • Accessibility

    Like the rest of the components in Kendo UI for Vue, the Checkbox is fully accessible. It supports screen readers and WAI-ARIA and complies with Section 508.

    Read the Vue Checkbox Accessibility documentation

    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Accessibility

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