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Vue Avatar

  • Easily add an avatar, a standard UX element, to represent profiles or other types of accounts to your Vue apps.
  • Part of Kendo UI for Vue library together with other best-in-class native components for building fast and beautiful apps.
  • Comes with outstanding technical support, detailed documentation and demos.
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Overview

    Avatars are a common tool used to identify entities in apps with an icon, images, and/or initials. The Kendo UI for Vue Avatar component not only helps you quickly include these in your app, but also ensures app-wide consistency and integration with other Kendo UI for Vue components.

    See the Vue Avatar Overview demo

  • Appearance

    The Vue Avatar component gives you a wide array of options for visual appearance. These include choosing shapes, image, icons, themes, and text. You can also take it a step further by basing the style off the Avatar’s content.

    See the Vue Avatar Appearance demo

    Vue Custom Avatar Component

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