Kendo UI for Vue

Vue TextArea

  • Customizable Vue TextArea input component that can be used on its own or with other Kendo UI for Vue inputs for robust forms.
  • Part of Kendo UI for Vue library together with other best-in-class native components for building fast and beautiful apps.
  • Comes with outstanding technical support, detailed documentation and demos.
Nasa, Visa, Microsoft Fox, Samsung, IBM World Bank Group, Volvo
  • Overview

    The Vue TextArea component applies Kendo UI theme styling to the HTML text area element in order to provide a consistent look and feel across your Angular applications.

    See the Vue TextArea demo

  • Appearance

    The Vue TextArea provides configuration options that make it easy to customize the components appearance. These include size, fill mode, and border radius.

    See the Vue TextArea Appearance demo

  • Character Counter

    The Vue TextArea includes a built-in tool that shows the number of characters enters and the total allowed.

    See the Vue TextArea Character Counter demo

  • Forms Support

    The Vue TextArea can be used on its own in any Vue application, but it really shines when used as part of a form with other Kendo UI for Vue input components and the Kendo UI for Vue Form.

    See the Vue TextArea Forms Support demo


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