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Vue StackLayout

  • Easily arrange any type of content—even complex components—in a vertical or horizontal row with the Vue StackLayout component.
  • Part of Kendo UI for Vue library together with other best-in-class native components for building fast and beautiful apps.
  • Comes with outstanding technical support, detailed documentation, and demos.
Kendo UI for Vye StackLayout Overview
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  • Overview

    The Kendo UI for Vue native StackLayout component enables you to easily align vertically or horizontally multiple elements in a stack. By using the Kendo UI for Vue native StackLayout component, you can easily set up different orientations, alignments, spacing and other customization options.

    See the Vue StackLayout demo

    Kendo UI for Vue StackLayout Overview
  • Layout

    Play with the Kendo UI for Vue native StackLayout component to quickly and easily configure the desired layout of elements on the page. You can choose between horizontal or vertical orientation, apply different gaps, stack and adjust the alignment of inner elements and even nest several StackLayout components inside one another.

    See the Vue StackLayout demo 

    Kendo UI for Vue StackLayout component

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