React SpreadSheet

  • Bring advanced Excel-like and Google Sheet-like experience to your React applications.
  • Part of the KendoReact library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, learning resources and more!
Spreadsheet Overview
  • Enrich Your Web Applications with Excel and Google Sheet-Like Experiences

    The KendoReact Spreadsheet enables you to bring an advanced Excel-like experience to your React applications. With a wide range of functionalities, the component empowers users to effectively manage and manipulate data in a spreadsheet-like interface. Enjoy toolbar and tabs configuration, import and export from a local file system, sheet resizing, disabled cells, keyboard navigation and more. 

    See the React SpreadSheet demo 


    SpreadSheet Overview
  • Toolbar

    The Spreadsheet toolbar can render both built-in and custom tools. By default, it displays all the built-in tools rendered in three different tabs: File, Home and Insert. Additionally, the component provides the possibility to define a completely custom collection of tabs and tools. 

    See the React SpreadSheet overview demo 


    SpreadSheet toolbar
  • Data Import and Export

    The KendoReact Spreadsheet provides the possibility to store and load data in a native JSON format, as well as import and export .xlsx files directly from the component. 

    See the React SpreadSheet Import and Export demo 


    SpreadSheet Data Import and Export
  • Error Handling Support

    Display an error message within the Spreadsheet to notify users when something needs to be fixed (e.g. an existing sheet that already has the same name the user is trying to enter).

    React SpreadSheet component showcasing Error Handling
  • Custom Functions

    The Spreadsheet component enables you to create your own JavaScript functions (primitives) within formulas by using the defineFunction (name, func) to tailor the component based on your specific needs. The first argument (a string) is the name of your function, while the second one is the JavaScript function (the implementation).

    See the React Spreadsheet Custom Functions demo

    React SpreadSheet Formatting and Editing
  • Sheet Resizing

    The KendoReact Spreadsheet component enables you to easily change the number of rows and columns and adapt its size accordingly after loading.  

    See the React SpreadSheet Sheet Resizing demo 


    Spreadsheet Sheet Resizing
  • Disabled Cells

    If there is a need to prevent certain data from being edited, you have the option to lock certain cells while allowing others to be edited. 

    See the React SpreadSheet Disabled Cells demo

    SpreadSheet Disabled Cells
  • Events

    The KendoReact Spreadsheet component enables you to trigger certain events to control its behavior upon user interaction: 

    • onSelect - triggered when the Spreadsheet selection has been changed.
    • onChange - triggered when a Spreadsheet value has been changed.
    • onChangeFormat - triggered when when the range format is changed from the UI.
    • onExcelImport and onExcelExport - triggered when the user clicks the Open or Export to Excel toolbar button.

    See the React SpreadSheet Events demo

  • Keyboard Navigation

    Enhance accessibility and productivity with keyboard-only navigation. The React Spreadsheet component includes keyboard navigation support, enabling users to navigate and interact with its items efficiently using only the keyboard.  

    See the React Spreadsheet Keyboard Navigation demo  

    keyboard navigation
  • Globalization

    The Spreadsheet globalization process involves translating the component messages and adapting them to specific locales. 

    See the React SpreadSheet Globalization demo 


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