React ExpansionPanel

  • Achieve compact organization of content in your React app in no time by adding an expandable and collapsible UI element with built-in animations.
  • Part of the KendoReact library along with 100+ professional UI components built with React for React, from the ground up.
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  • Overview

    The ExpansionPanel is a fundamental UI layout component that organizes any content into a UI element consisting of a title bar and expandable and collapsible content. It comes in handy when you want to save some real estate on the page. The React ExpansionPanel component supports any type of content within its content area, can expand and collapse with built-in animations, provides custom icon support and much more.

    See React ExpansionPanel Component demo

    React ExpansionPanel component Overview
  • Animations

    The React ExpansionPanel allows you to animate user interactions by adding expand and collapse animations. Developers have full control over this behavior, e.g., you can set the duration of the animation or disable it altogether.

    See React ExpansionPanel Component demo: Animations

    React ExpansionPanel component Animations
  • Disabled Expansion Panel

    By default, the React ExpansionPanel is enabled, but you can easily disable it when required and control whether an end-user can interact with the component. All you need to do is change a single configuration option and you can disable the whole group of buttons or a single button. See Disabled React

    See Disabled React ExpansionPanel Component demo

    Disabled React ExpansionPanel component
  • Custom Icons

    If your project has specific design requirements, you can easily change both the expand and collapse icons with custom font icons to have the component look and feel match the rest of your application.

    See React ExpansionPanel Component demo: Custom Icons

    React ExpansionPanel component with custom icons
  • Keyboard Navigation

    Users can expand or collapse the React ExpansionPanel component using the mouse as well as keyboard shortcuts.

    See React ExpansionPanel Component demo: Keyboard Navigation

  • Accessibility

    The KendoReact ExpansionPanel is accessible by screen readers. It is compliant with Section 508 and provides full WAI-ARIA support, following its accessibility best practices.

    See React ExpansionPanel Component demo: Accessibility

    React Accessibility - KendoReact

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