React Sparkline

  • A compact data visualization component that embeds a line, bar, column, area, bullet or pie chart into tables or text.
  • Part of the KendoReact library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, learning resources and more!
Sparkline Header
  • Add At-a-glance Data Visualization to Any Context

    The React Sparkline is a light-weight chart that focuses on rendering the values in a very compact way. These graphs are ideal when developers need to show trends and want to focus more on value movements.

    See React Sparkline Overview demo

    React Sparkline - Overview, KendoReact UI Library
  • KendoReact Component Integration

    The compactness of the React Sparkline allows it to be easily integrated with many KendoReact components such as the KendoReact Data Grid to show graphs for array of data on each row or inside a details template. This makes it a great addition to many components as it shows useful data in a beautiful and resource-conserving manner.

    React Sparkline - Component Integration, KendoReact UI Library

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