React ScrollView (Carousel)

  • Quickly create an interface that displays images or content in a horizontally scrollable collection with built-in navigation.
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  • Customizable React Carousel Component

    The React ScrollView, also referred to as a Carousel, displays images or content in a horizontally scrollable collection with built-in navigation tools. Items within the ScrollView are displayed as dots in the navigation overlay and scrolling through content can be done automatically, through a set time interval, or manually by the end user.

    See the React ScrollView Component demo

    React ScrollView Component - React Carousel
  • Arrows and Paging

    The navigation arrows and page indicator of the KendoReact ScrollView are easy to customize. You can enable or disabled them using configuration options for each feature. You can also add a pager overlay to make it stand out against the content you’re displaying.

    See the React ScrollView Arrows and Paging demo

  • Automatic and Endless Scrolling

    The default behavior of the React ScrollView is to enable users to scroll through the content from left to right until they reach the last item in the collection. Once a user reaches the end, they can't proceed and need to go back manually in the reverse direction. This is okay with few items but, in some scenarios, it may become a UX concern. That's when you can enable the Endless Scrolling feature, which makes the last item slide back to the first item of the KendoReact ScrollView. You can also enable Automatic Scrolling, which removes the need for the user to interact with the component, so the contents scroll through. Instead, the active item automatically changes at a set interval, which you can also configure.

    See the React Carousel Automatic and Endless Scrolling demo

    React ScrollView Component - React Carousel endless scrolling
  • Active View

    The active view is how you choose which part of the contents of your React Carousel (ScrollView) to be visible by default. For example, if you have three images, you may choose the second one to be the "active item" and show on first load of your page.

    See the React Carousel Active View demo

  • Accessibility

    Like all other KendoReact components, the React ScrollView component is compliant with Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards and is AAA rated with WCAG 2.0.

    See the React Carousel Component demo: Accessibility

    React Accessibility - KendoReact

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