React Form

  • This small and fast package helps React developers build rich and complex forms with ease.
  • Part of the KendoReact library along with 100+ professional UI components built with React for React, from the ground up.
  • Get started quickly with our award-winning support, detailed documentation, interactive demos and instructor-led training.
  • Overview

    The KendoReact Form component is a small and fast package to help with form state management in React. This React Form Component works well with generic form elements as well as KendoReact components and is designed with best practices in mind.

    See React Form Overview demo

    React Form - Overview, KendoReact UI Library
  • Custom Components

    The KendoReact Form component enables custom components to be used for any of the available fields within the form.

    See React Form Custom Components demo

    React Form - Custom Components, KendoReact UI Library
  • Validation

    With the KendoReact Form component, validation can be configured to be set up on a form level or an individual field level, giving flexibility for how to handle validation in your React forms.

    See React Form Validation demo

    React Form - Validation, KendoReact UI Library
  • Layouts

    The KendoReact Form component provides various built-in components that can assist with structuring the layout of any form, allowing for both horizonal and vertical layouts. Any React components, whether they are KendoReact UI components or custom components, will adhere to the preferred layout style.

    See React Form Layouts demo

    React Form - Layouts, KendoReact UI Library
  • KendoReact Component Integration

    Many KendoReact UI components feature editable areas that contain forms as a part of their built-in edit features. The React Form component is used internally for some of these forms, like the built-in editor of the KendoReact Scheduler, providing a consistent approach to forms across the KendoReact suite.

    React Form - Component Integration, KendoReact UI Library
  • React Form Resources

    • Design Guidelines

    To help you build gorgeous and functional forms, we've summarized years of experience with building forms in this comprehensive guide:

    React Form Design Guidelines

    • Tutorials

    This article will walk you through the steps to build a great React form:

    How To Create a Form in React: Complete Guide

    Watch this video to see this Form library in action, learn how it handles form validation and accessibility and how it can help you in your project:

    How to Build a React Form without the Hassle (video)

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