React MultiColumn ComboBox

  • Create a DropDown on steroids by adding a multi-column interface with filtering, grouping and virtualization.
  • Part of the KendoReact library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, virtual classrooms, learning resources and more!
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  • Display Selectable Options in a Drop-down Table

    The React MultiColumn ComboBox provides a dropdown component that displays information about items in multiple fields arranged in columns. This gives end-users additional information associated with data items beyond the traditional list of a single-string text. Once a user selects an item, a single value will be displayed in the input. The KendoReact MultiColumn ComboBox comes with filtering, grouping, virtualization and more handy features.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox demo

    React Multi-Column Combo Box component
  • Data Binding

    The KendoReact MultiColumn ComboBox can be bound to various data types, including data created on the client-side as well as data pulled from the server-side. With simple configuration options, any collection of data can be bound to the React MultiColumn ComboBox and the component can be set up to display all fields or just a subset of the available fields. Additionally, developers have full control over the displayed field when a user selects an item, as well as defining whether the underlying value should be tied to a different field.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Data Binding demo

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility is a core aspect of the KendoReact suite. The KendoReact team understands how important accessibility is for the web and this drives us to make it an integral part of every component. The KendoReact MultiColumn ComboBox supports keyboard navigation and complies with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards with an AAA rating.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Accessibility demo

    React Accessibility - KendoReact
  • Filtering

    When filtering is enabled, the input element of the KendoReact MultiColumn ComboBox allows users to start typing a value and automatically reduces the number of available items based on the user input. Extremely useful when users navigate through large datasets, the filter feature can be enabled with a single configuration option.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Filtering demo

    React MultiColumn ComboBox Filtering
  • Grouping

    When handling larger sets of data, it is very helpful to organize information in categories. With grouping enabled, the React MultiColumn ComboBox can group all data items by a particular field. The groups will be displayed in several ways throughout the list of items, which provides an intuitive user experience when scrolling through the data.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Grouping demo

    React Multi Column Combo Box Grouping
  • Adaptive Rendering

    The KendoReact MultiColumnComboBox supports an adaptive mode, enabling a mobile-friendly rendering of the component popup. The component automatically adapts to the current screen size and alters its rendering accordingly. 

    See the React MultiColumnComboBox Adaptive Rendering demo 

    MultiColumnComboBox Adaptive Mode
  • Virtualization

    The KendoReact MultiColumn ComboBox comes with built-in virtualization, offering a significant performance boost for loading and displaying large datasets. With Virtualization enabled, only the currently displayed items are rendered within the MultiColumn ComboBox dropdown, letting additional data load as the user scrolls to a particular point within the available list.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Virtualization demo

    React MultiColumnComboBox Component Virtualization
  • Prefix and Suffix Adornments

    Elevate user interactivity leveraging the option for adding prefix and suffix adornments. These are custom items, usually an icon or button, inside the field before or after the input area. Typical prefix adornments are currency symbols or unit indicators, while suffix adornments are often used for password visibility toggles, formatting or clearing the input. 

    See the React MultiColumnComboBox Adornments demo

    multicolumn combobox - adornments
  • Keyboard Navigation

    The MultiColumn ComboBox has built-in keyboard support to help interact with, scroll through, and select data items using just the keyboard.

    See React MultiColumn ComboBox Keyboard Navigation demo

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