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Coming in 2022 & 2023

The KendoReact Team is excited to announce the roadmap for what the team plans on delivering over upcoming releases.

Feedback from our customers is a big piece in these plans. The KendoReact components have evolved to what they are today thanks to feedback from folks like you. Feel free to share your plans, requirements, and ideas for what you would like to see next in the KendoReact library by posting in our feedback portal.  

The items below are what we feel comfortable announcing today, but there is more on our radar. Check back periodically for updates.


Fluent Theme

New feature R3 2022

Over the next few months the KendoReact team will be busy working on the introduction of a brand new theme: the Fluent theme. This new theme will join the ranks of the Default, Bootstrap, and Material themes already available for KendoReact users.

This new theme will allow the KendoReact UI components to follow the Microsoft Fluent Design System guidelines for web applications by simply including a reference to the KendoReact Fluent theme. From there, any KendoReact UI component can fit the look-and-feel of the Fluent Design System. No additional configuration is needed.

Compact Grid

Improvement R3 2022

The new Compact Grid feature, also called a High Density Grid, focuses on displaying as much information as possible in a single Grid component by reducing the padding and margins used by elements within the React Grid. The end-result is a data table with a more condensed look-and-feel which gives the opportunity to display more data at once.

The new compact grid feature will be offered through configuration options and can be used in combination with any of the KendoReact Default, Bootstrap, Material, and (upcoming) Fluent themes.

VS Code Productivity Tool

New feature

The KendoReact team will focus on building React-specific tooling for the Kendo UI Productivity Tools for Visual Studio Code. This Visual Studio Code extension provides helpful tools like code snippets, application and page scaffolding, and much more.

With the combination of our React UI components and the Kendo UI Productivity Tools all developers can enjoy a productivity boost when developing their user experience with the KendoReact components.

React PivotGrid: Export to Excel

Improvement R3 2022

The React PivotGrid component will receive the ability to export the PivotGrid component to an Excel file. This feature will be integrated into the PivotGrid engine, allowing users to export the current page, or the entire underlying data set, of the PivotGrid to an Excel file. This export can be done by simply clicking the export to Excel button which will be displayed when this feature is enabled in the React PivotGrid.


React PivotGrid: Export to PDF

Improvement R3 2022

The React PivotGrid component will receive an update to add built-in support for exporting PivotGrid content to a PDF file. When enabled, this feature will display a button within toolbar at the top of the React PivotGrid. When pressed, this button will start the process of exporting the current content of the KendoReact PivotGrid to a PDF file.

Configuration options will allow for customization of this export process, including the ability to export only the currently displayed page and its content, or export the entire data set bound to the React PivotGrid component.

PdfViewer Component

New component
The upcoming KendoReact PdfViewer is a UI component designed to display PDF files within any React application. This allows end-users to view and interact with PDF files without having to download the files locally, or rely on the built-in browser capabilities to view PDF files in a separate tab.

Wizard Component

New component
The KendoReact Wizard lets users create a multi-step process which guides uses step-by-step through a particular process. Building on top of the already popular React Stepper component, the Wizard will be focused on helping developers build longer forms which are then broken down to more manageable steps.

Grid Improvements

Through the rest of 2022 the KendoReact team will be busy adding features to the native React Data Grid. One of the most popular components in the UI library today, this will remain a big focus for development in upcoming releases. These features include, but are not limited to:


  • Configuration options to control number of records to be pre-rendered during Virtual Scrolling
  • Column Re-Ordering Auto-Scroll
  • Copy & Copy With Headers options for Selected Cells

Editor Features

The KendoReact Editor will continue to receive updates throughout all of 2022. This will include many of the features requested from existing users, as well as features common within rich text editors. These features include, but are not limited to:
  • A Table Wizard which will provide a more guided way for users to create and manage Tables within the Editor content.

Theme Rendering Options

New feature
Throughout 2022 the KendoReact team will work on adding an exciting new feature to all of the available themes (Default, Bootstrap, and Material): rendering options. These rendering options are intended to make our themes easier to understand, simpler to build upon and extend, as well as help building out design systems based on KendoReact. These options will be added to various components throughout 2022 and the options will include:

  • themeColor: controls which color from the current theme should be used to colorize the component
  • fillMode: determines how the color is applied to the component (completely filled, just the outline, etc.)
  • size: controls the overall size of the component by using small, medium and large size options
  • shape: applies a specific shape to the component, which could include shape options like square, rounded, etc.
  • rounded: controls the border radius of the component by using small, medium or large settings

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